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Conclave Corporate


Chairman (CEO)
Total Shares:10000
Estimated value:
20353.07 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
2.04 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
0.00 Gold
Total shareholders:24
Total companies:16

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Company statute

Stock Company Conclave Corporate's official presentation article

Rules and information


Value of shares will be calculated not using value given by E-Sim, as it is bugged, but using #SuTrade's prices.
All the possessions of the Stock Company will be recorded in this Google Doc , available to everyone.
This file will be updated at least every month, usually the 4th day of the month.

Every share will be valued 1 Gold
. Dividends will be paid during the first days of the month. Their amount will be obtained subtracting the Stock Company's value calculated through the Google Doc and the Goal Value of the Stock Company.

During the first days of the month, the CEO will publish an article in which progresses, dividends and new goals of the Stock Company during that month will be shown and issued.

No shares will be issued again normally, it might happen only during some special occasions.

The CEO is allowed to take products from the Stock Company for free, so he can sell them through contracts.
Once they are accepted, he will immediately donate the earnings to the Stock Company.

Stock price:


Type Status Time
Pay dividend Accepted 1 year ago
Sack CEO Rejected 1 year ago
Pay dividend Accepted 2 years ago
Pay dividend Accepted 2 years ago
Pay dividend Accepted 2 years ago

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Citizen Role
ThePope Company manager
ThePope Supply manager
ThePope Accountant
ThePope CEO


Company Type Location
[BR] Diamante Pontificio q5 Diamonds
Brazil - Pando
[BR] Presente Pontificio Q5 q5 Q5 Gift
Brazil - Pando
[GR] Armamento Pontificio Q1 q1 Q1 Weapon
Greece - Peloponnese
[GR] Ferro Pontificio q5 Iron
Greece - Peloponnese
[IT] Armamento Pontificio Q1 q1 Q1 Weapon
Italy - Central Switzerland
[LT] Ferro Pontificio q5 Iron
Latvia - Selija
[PL] Armamento Pontificio Q1 q1 Q1 Weapon
Poland - Mazovia
[PL] Cibo Pontificio Q3 q3 Q3 Food
Poland - Great Poland
[PL] Cibo Pontificio Q5 q5 Q5 Food
Poland - Great Poland
[PL] Grano Pontificio q5 Grain
Poland - Great Poland
[PL] Presente Pontificio Q3 q3 Q3 Gift
Poland - Pomerania
[TR] Armamento Pontificio Q5 q5 Q5 Weapon
Syria - Aleppo
[TR] Bigliettaio Pontificio Q1 q1 Q1 Ticket
Syria - Dohuk
[TR] Bigliettaio Pontificio Q5 q5 Q5 Ticket
Syria - Dohuk
[TR] Ferro Pontificio Q5 q5 Iron
Syria - Aleppo
[TR] Petrolio Pontificio q5 Oil
Syria - Dohuk


+2200 golds of dividends!

I wish you an happy new year!
ThePope (CEO) posted 2 years ago

Dividends will be paid in the next days
ThePope (CEO) posted 2 years ago

This month there will be no dividend and no shares-issue. I had no time to work on the project, we will see if I will be able to do anything in december
ThePope (CEO) posted 3 years ago

500 more shares will be soon printed!
ThePope (CEO) posted 3 years ago

It's already July 7 where is the dividends? Just asking
RadeonIntel (Citizen) posted 3 years ago

500 more shares incoming
ThePope (CEO) posted 4 years ago

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6620 (66.2%)
1795 (17.95%)
400 (4.0%)
200 (2.0%)
180 (1.8%)
175 (1.75%)
150 (1.5%)
146 (1.46%)
130 (1.3%)
Don Koljo Veliki
50 (0.5%)
V Guven V
154 (1.54%) Minor shareholders (14) Show

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