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I'm legitimately curious how long it will take for anyone to notice that this text is here.

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USA Org posted 2 days ago

USA Org posted 5 days ago

USA is still engaged in this war so don't forget to do your part: USA GoM
USA Org posted 9 days ago

twezday77 will be stepping down as CP in order to go on another adventure. He has endorsed The Real Gunny as his preferred successor; Gunny cares for the USA and while he rules with a heavy hand, he does so with the best intentions.
USA Org posted 10 days ago

We have lost the battle of Galicia .

But take heart - it was a good fight. I would like to commend the extraordinary efforts of Beer Fighter and Jug Pohnson .

Take a look at the battle statistics. 1v1, we actually did more damage than Spain in the battle. 318 million from the United States.

Be prepared for a Spanish counterattack, and defend our shores! The war goes on!
USA Org posted 12 days ago

The Spaniards stalled too long, and now we are on the offensive!
USA Org posted 13 days ago

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