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Our country is whole again.
USA Org posted 7 months ago

Three times the enemy has charged our shores, and three times they have been thrown back. Immensely proud of the US fighters who have accomplished this and thankful for the friends & allies who have assisted.
USA Org posted 7 months ago

Portugal has broken a peace deal.

Not only is this game dead, but so too, it appears, is honor.
USA Org posted 10 months ago


PT's rental period has concluded

Please return USA Gulf of Mexico to American hands
USA Org posted 10 months ago

1. Win Central USA
2. DON'T hit in USA Gulf of Mexico
USA Org posted 10 months ago

We have achieved peace with Portugal!

1. Finish defense of Western USA

2. Do not start new RWs

3. Do not fight in other battles vs. PT (except an RW in Central USA which will commence soon)
USA Org posted 10 months ago

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