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Military unit Japanese Templars
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we are making some cleaning in japan and we will restore our activity.

Imperial brothers coallition now have his name. we hire workers send pm if you are interested.

LutzSchwerin is back.
Japan Org posted 7 months ago

With all respect I am so glad to present our helpers
1.Jaegermeister MU - more respect to sw_popka
3. 0_ _0
4. _TonyStark_
5. pxrter
6. Alitavakoli7
7. dror12345
8. _Fedayi_
And all all helpers
Yes, you are true I give up, because I can't do everything alone

Not everyone is loud about their defeat
Japan Org posted 9 months ago

I hear with deep sorrow the destruction of that historical heritage.It is not only the loss of the French, ours - Christians too. I wish patience. I am sorry...

Japan Org posted 10 months ago

Time has came
Fight here guys! We need any support )
Japan Org posted 11 months ago

Japan Empire News

Israel Broke nap without honor.

Imperial Priorities :

Area E JP

Sumatra JP

Japan Org posted 1 year ago

Japan Empire News

New member to Japan Empire Coalition at the next days Bangladesh will become part of japan empire their territory will be free as our brothers in philippines
Remember being at war with Philippines and our new member Bangladesh is being at war with Japan too.
Long live the empire!

Japan Org posted 1 year ago

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