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Military unit Legio VI Victrix
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Tyler backed,better run
Italy Org posted 1 year ago

Italy Org posted 2 years ago

This is rome and roma caput mundi est ,
All are accepted here so
be gone with your stories of war and discrimination
Be gone with your insults
But be welcome to gain freedom thru humilty or be a province guided by madness
Italy Org posted 2 years ago

Per il Bidet!
Per la Gioconda!!!
Italy Org posted 3 years ago

Salve italia
Italy Org posted 3 years ago

Entate in chat per conoscere la community italiana del gioco: https://discord.gg/FekQPG
Lavorate per le aziende della italy Org ed entrate nelle unità militari Italiane!
Pe ogni richiesta mandateci un msg in game o scrivete qui sotto.
Italy Org posted 3 years ago

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