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Our Monetary market is stable,our currency is controlled,our markets are full of products,our tax policy is very advantageous for business,our high diamonds region goes back to us,all these conditions are met to make our economy ready for a Take-off
Ireland Org posted 1 year ago

Come on guys!
We need your DMG. We want a free ireland. But we need your help! Tomorrow start up the rebel week. we will liberate Ireland!

Your MoE gryfinarge o7
Ireland Org posted 4 years ago

http://suna.e-sim.org/battle.html?id=34342 we almost got this one in the bag chaps. join #su.ireland and speak with Samuel L Jackson for supplies
Ireland Org posted 4 years ago


It has begun #su.ireland
Ireland Org posted 4 years ago

The Gambia has proposed to declare war on us.

I'm guessing with the size of their congress it will take close to 18 hours for the law to pass. In the meantime Org will be gathering supplies for war when war is passed and gambia opens battle all Irish citizens can get full supplies at #su.ireland please contact Samuel L Jackson for supplies and damage co-ordination
Ireland Org posted 4 years ago

Join #su.ireland for coordination and supplies

Prio 1 Java- Papua New Guine Side Bonus Region (Java)

Prio 2 Galapagos- Papua New Guinea Side Bonus Region (Galapagos)

Time to open up a can of whoop ass boys, break out the whiskey you know the routine
Ireland Org posted 4 years ago

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