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Military unit Dharma
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We make deal with Iran ,we get thisregions bust must pay ..Cheers
- ikac22
India Org posted 1 year ago

Gray Fullbusterr Shirt uit!
India Org posted 3 years ago

India Org posted 3 years ago


Dear people from India. The couple of days we will need a fast congress. If you cant be online much please leave the congress.

Today at 14:00 server time please be online and vote the law.

Best regards,

India Org posted 3 years ago

Ladies & Gentlemen,

League has started. Dont forget to do at least 50 hits for the free medkits .

Extra information:

Helemaal niets in Amsterdam - KarateKnakker
India Org posted 3 years ago

Dear people from India,

If you are not yet in a Military Unit, please join Dharma

Dharma have a auto payment system and you will get 20% extra damage if you fight on MU-order.

Join us and make India even stronger . Also everybody is welkom to join us on CAD IRC or CAD Discord There you will find alot of other players to .
India Org posted 3 years ago

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