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Happy New Year's to all!

Battle of the Day: Survive your hangover
Canada Org posted 7 months ago

Great month, everybody!
Jamaica is free, Australia is out, Japan is free and the Philippines are one battle away from liberty.
We played a small part in all of this and my hat is off to all who helped our friends o7
May Santa be kind to you and a Merry Christmas to all \o/

Battle of the Day: Ozama (PR side)
Canada Org posted 7 months ago

Rebels Week \o/
Few weeks too late, but better now than never, eh, boys

Battle of the Day: Puerto Princesa
Canada Org posted 7 months ago

Hello, Canada o7

Join us on Discord for supplies or any questions.
We've been having fun in the Caribbean, so come chip in.

If Discord's not your thing, feel free to write Kangur or that clown you voted CP with any questions.

Battle of the Day: Luzon
Canada Org posted 7 months ago

Merry Christmas dear Canadians!
Canada Org posted 1 year ago

Our core region Quebec is under attack. Every Canadian is expected to fight there. Link CLICK

If you want supply, join our discord server CLICK
Canada Org posted 1 year ago

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