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Cambodia Org needs you help. We want to start war and we need money for that. Donate golds as much as you can to national treasury or org.Tnx
Cambodia Org posted 1 year ago

Org need help yo buy q5 food company and for that we need everybody's help. Send golds to org(as much as you want), and congress members sendyour 5g from congressman medal to org too)
Cambodia Org posted 2 years ago

Don't forget to send golds
Cambodia Org posted 2 years ago

Now the time came, hit for free Cambodia, we start rw hit hard, we'll rise economy in Cambodia.(and I want to say that now we have q5 grain company)
Cambodia Org posted 2 years ago

Attention,,, since now league's medal's 5 g and 5g which you get when you electe as a congress member send National treasure, with that gold we'll buy companies and give new life to Cambodia.
Cambodia Org posted 2 years ago

Cambodia Org posted 3 years ago

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