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The Government of Belgium:


The Gitrog Monster

Minister of Economy:
Earl Ragnar

Offical Discord Channel of Belgium
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Dear citizens of Belgium,

Belgium just signed a nap. We will give the Netherlands their independence back. For more information read the article .

janli ,CP of Belgium
Belgium Org posted 2 years ago

It's been a long time since we had one but here here we have a very Belgian battle .
Special thanks to Mr Death for opening this resistance war.

Citizens of Belgium, I hope you enjoy getting the chance to fight under Belgian flag again.
Hail Belgium!
Belgium Org posted 2 years ago

To all citizens of Belgium:

We are seeing a trend of new wars and activity that has not been seen on Suna in a long time. Lets stay active and try to hit daily limits for our allies when their are battles present on our MPP list. Government continues to work to develop our national economy, this is a long term project, but we do have a full market in Belgium.

Thank you for your loyalty, activity, and lets remember to show the world we are a loyal ally who helps a friend in their time of need
Belgium Org posted 2 years ago

Angola and Belgium have come to an agreement to establish a 90 day NAP. It was a war with some fun battles. Allowed us to organize our country and damage network as a whole. Great job everyone in this war. Angola showed they are strong fighters with a country founded on principles of pride and honor. Belgium citizens please read so we can honor this agreement.

Angola Belgium NAP Agreement
Belgium Org posted 2 years ago

To all Belgium citizens:

It has a been a great month as Belgium awoke from years inactivity to show our military strength against an honorable opponent in Angola. Let us all thank janli and Nascimento for their excellent leadership during this revival of Belgium.

HaSsS has joined our economic team. He is a very strong economic player who will serve our nation well with his business skills.

Early sacrifices will allow us to create a great nation.
Belgium Org posted 3 years ago

Dear Citizens of Belgium,

From now on, we will focus on the improvement of our national economy and the prosperity of its citizens.

We will build stocks of supplies and will provide sets of equipment for our active citizens.
If you want to know more details about this plan or if you want to recieve an equipment set for yourself, send a PM or join our discord channel.

Hail Belgium!
Belgium Org posted 3 years ago

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