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Military unit The Afghan National Army
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let's divide works.
economic works for your team and politic and military works for my team.
also we aren't as strong as iran.
if we attack iran they will eat us.
but we can eat pakistan.
when we have deleted pakistan we will attack to tajikestan.
prepare for that and fight strongly.
best regards
cp of afghanistan
Afghanistan Org posted 5 years ago

thank for who fights for pakistan and his citizenship was afghani
this round was awful
are you afghani or pak?
pls revoke them congressmen.
fight in this battle:
Afghanistan Org posted 5 years ago

this is the first step and it won't be stopped.
please fight side afghanistan in this battle.
we will back our capital.
Afghanistan Org posted 5 years ago

The situation with Iran changed.
Read the article and you will see.
We all fight against Iran.
Afghanistan Org posted 6 years ago

Everyone read this.
We will need all your help.
Thank you all.
Afghanistan Org posted 6 years ago

happy new year pegasous voliotis50 TANTALOS
Afghanistan Org posted 6 years ago

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