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Also known as Bqla Lisica 🦊

19 Level
28,439 Experience
6,108,778,707 Damage
15.4375 (25.43) Economy skill
4778 Strength
Day 962 Birthday
1 / 4 National by XP
1 / 4 National by DMG
832 / 1,365 Global by XP
247 / 1,365 Global by DMG
Military unit Benin Special Task Force
Working at

Equip items
9,555 - 14,332
Critical hit:
19,110 - 28,664
Base critical hit chance
12.5 %
Total critical hit chance
12.5 %
12.5 %
Base miss chance
12.5 %
Overall miss chance
12.5 %
12.5 %
Base chance to avoid DMG:
5.0 %
Overall chance to avoid DMG
5.0 %
5.0 %
Base chance to use less weapons per berserk
Final chance to use less weapons per berserk
0.0 %
Base chance to find a weapon
Final chance to find a weapon
0.0 %
Free flight base chance
5.0 %
Free flight final chance
0.0 %
0.0 %
Assets Assets are hidden by the citizen
  • x17
  • x15
  • x272
  • x80
Top achievements:
Total achievements: 106 of 247See all achievements
Friends (30)
if anyone is selling q7 crit crit lucky or q7 max/max helmet/offhand, hit me up
The Chimaera posted 2 months ago

We are happy to inform you that we have improved many of our in-game missions (as some of you may already know) and therefore we've decided that it is time for some upgrades in our Translation Team.

If you feel like you have the time and desire to help your community and win some rewards with some high-quality translations, please consider signing-up for this form .
The Chimaera posted 4 months ago

Just to clarify: Merging into someone else's account is very illegal and will have consequences. Any activity that leads you to boosting someone else or having their login credentials is against the rules.
The Chimaera posted 6 months ago

Friendly reminder: In the case of a citizen deciding to leave the game, they are allowed to donate their assets to a friend but they have to inform staff, and any transactions after that will be considered exploit.
The Chimaera posted 6 months ago

RIP Bqla Lisica
The Chimaera posted 8 months ago

New accounts, impersonating Admin, have been created in order to trick you into clicking on malicious links and to promote scripts which have not been approved. Please remember that using scripts is illegal and results in a permanent ban. I advise all of you to refrain from clicking on any of the links, and report any future accounts.

If you have already clicked, please change your account credentials and inform staff if there is any odd activity in your account.
The Chimaera posted 9 months ago

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