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Togo team, pls check MU briefing or ingame chat if it works for you. o7
Togo Org posted 5 years ago

Congressmen vote yes on MPP with Morroco, our new friends
Togo Org posted 6 years ago

All Togolese players without military unit can join Togo National Army today! It's free and you can get MU bonus dmg!
Togo Org posted 6 years ago

Welcome to all new players! Looks like admin did a fake BB for Togo lol
Togo Org posted 6 years ago

Prio 1 Upper West
bonus region :Ashanti

Prio2 South Kurdufan

Prio3:West Ghana
bonus: Greater Accra

All important!

Fight hard!
Togo Org posted 6 years ago

Togo took the next step towards better future and cheaper products for our citizens Look here
Togo Org posted 6 years ago

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