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Budete tu na turnaj?
South Sudan Org posted 1 month ago

This country placed in TOP10 in a Country Tournament #16 and received 250.0 Gold for it's efforts.
South Sudan Org posted 8 months ago

RW fight started. Please help me
South Sudan Org posted 3 years ago

Thank you for support on battle:
donluka , nero3 , sokol_81 , CrazyFoogles , makuon2000 , mountofblade

We gave 140 milion DMG
Good job, my friend
South Sudan Org posted 3 years ago

The first territory is liberated (Upper Nil)
Next battle was declared in Capital, Equatoria.
Score: 4:1 for us

Let´s go to win
South Sudan Org posted 3 years ago

Hi all,
I am Messerschmitt. Me and my partners in CS LEGIA want to build this state. I have a lot of experience, on the old account I was 6 x CP. I would be happy if we started to cooperate. We came to help, and we want help you. Tomorow, I will write an article for details... And I thank everyone who voted for me

Best regards
CP Messerschmitt
South Sudan Org posted 3 years ago

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