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Military unit Sierra Leone First Army
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Congratz to new SLE Congress!
Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

Hi Congress!
As I heard we have some issues with tax income, I ask you, maybe we can lower tax income from 50% to 15%? If yes, then do so pleas, thanks for attention!
Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

League will start soon, so I hope that you all who didn't fight in Pujehun can fight now in league! And something more, if we want to discuss about when we fight, then pleas come and talk about it in #suna.sle or in our war channel #war.sle
Thanks for attention!
NOTE: We use chat network rizon.net!
Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

vCP elections are here!!!! Apply now!
Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

As the referendum votes are saying, we should join a coalition. I'm going to sreach for coalition what take us in and maybe we will get into coalition soon. I hope that this voting was good example for you about congress, so maybe next time on congress elections we see more canditates.
Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

Hello citizen!
From next sunday (28th May) starts again weekly award. Weekly award is that: 3 first citizen in statistics get food, gifts or/and weapons for award. Usual days when I take stats are wedensday, saturday and sunday, I will calculate dammage you did and make statistics. If there is any tournaments, then after tournament I will take statistics too. If there is any questions, ask in comments.
Thank you for attention!
Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

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