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♛ Kingdom of Rwanda ♛

We got 3 Resistance Wars started today.Obviously Woleu-Ntem and Orientale are the most important.

Discord(For more information)

Rwanda Org posted 1 month ago

Rwanda Org is looking for workers,paid with good salary.

Contact via PM please.
Rwanda Org posted 2 months ago

We are back!
Whoever wants to work for our org please contact me

Rwanda Org posted 2 months ago

Hello Rwanda Org!
Thanks for coming back. Long time no see, how were you?
We want to give you a free medkit. to help you to come back and work for the strength of your e-sim country .

Check the news, articles, current battles and state of affairs. We are happy to see you again
Rwanda Org posted 11 months ago

Rwanda will be great again good work guys
Rwanda Org posted 1 year ago

The org looking for worker
Rwanda Org posted 2 years ago

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