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♛ Kingdom of Rwanda ♛

We got 3 Resistance Wars started today.Obviously Woleu-Ntem and Orientale are the most important.

Discord(For more information)

Rwanda Org posted 3 months ago

Rwanda Org is looking for workers,paid with good salary.

Contact via PM please.
Rwanda Org posted 3 months ago

We are back!
Whoever wants to work for our org please contact me

Rwanda Org posted 4 months ago

Hello Rwanda Org!
Thanks for coming back. Long time no see, how were you?
We want to give you a free medkit. to help you to come back and work for the strength of your e-sim country .

Check the news, articles, current battles and state of affairs. We are happy to see you again
Rwanda Org posted 1 year ago

Rwanda will be great again good work guys
Rwanda Org posted 1 year ago

The org looking for worker
Rwanda Org posted 2 years ago

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