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This country placed in TOP10 in a Country Tournament #5 and received 250.0 Gold for it's efforts.
Guinea Org posted 4 years ago

We gucci.
Guinea Org posted 4 years ago

ESP - Saludos a todos
Guinea Org permanentemente disponible ya.
FR - Salut à tous
Guinée Org disponible en permanence maintenant.
ENG - Hello everyone
Guinea Org permanently available now.

Guinea Org posted 4 years ago

Saludos a los Futuros Congresistas !!!!!!
Recuerden Donar Su Medalla de Congresista a las Arcas del Pais / Greetings to the Future Congressmen !!!!!!
Remember Donate His Medal Congresswoman to the country's coffers -
Guinea Org posted 6 years ago

We want to announce that we have contacted to Brazil to negotiate one region to the east under management as well as guinea also initiate changes in our internal structure
Guinea Org posted 6 years ago

Quién quiere crear unaMU nueva para darle mas emocion aSuna Unamonos para guerrear y mejorar nuestfa economia.
Guinea Org posted 8 years ago

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