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Pozz i sa drugog Državnog Orga na kojem imamo 14 medkitta.
Sve ostalo je prazno.
Čak vidim da je Org imao q3 iron firmu koje je neki tip poklonio igraču i nikad nije plaćena.... :/
Ministry of Defence CAR posted 5 years ago

Donate to me 1000 CF from Country Treasure whe have to make some deal and get 10g + 200 CF what is nice
Ministry of Defence CAR posted 6 years ago

Zamolio bi ljude iz kongresa da prihvate ovog igraca za naseg drzavljanina hoce da nam pomogne i da ulaze kod nas svaka pomoc nam je dobrodosla i svaki aktivan igrac !
Molim da se do danas on prihvati
Ministry of Defence CAR posted 6 years ago

Hello ! We open posibility to make a new commander of state MU - so if you want to be and lead MU with your skills and dmg - please contact us on PM !
All MU members can work in MU factories !
Ministry of Defence CAR posted 7 years ago

Now we have 2 wars, with Angola and Eritrea. We stoped Eritrea attack, but then Angola attacked us and start RW in Katanga. We need to organise. Come to IRC #CAR. SVI NA IRC DA SE DOGOVORIMO!!!!! HH
Ministry of Defence CAR posted 7 years ago

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