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Vote this one up, Canada. One of the coolest (non-troll) articles I've read..... well, 2 articles, I suppose.

Canadian Rambo
Canada Finance posted 3 years ago

Remember newly elected congress members to donate your congressional gold to either Canada Org or the economy. Patriotism from elected officials is the strength that enriches our eminent empire.
Canada Finance posted 3 years ago

This is exactly why everyone should not have the right to run Congress, useless congressmen lead to a useless country.
Canada Finance posted 3 years ago

New offers on job market by Canada Finance. All workers who can work daily to increase production of Q5 Gifts, Q5 Food, and Q1 Weapons. These will be distributed to active fighters during our military efforts.

Please check job offers and serve your country by working for government.

Also, if you can direct any money market transactions toward Canada Finance offer it will fund our military directly.
Canada Finance posted 3 years ago

Meeting last night with economic team and current government lead to proposal of printing CAD and strengthening PEG. A full article will be published tomorrow explaining benefits of this change. Our currency and economy will be more stable with these recent moves. Also, our citizens will be wealthier in the long run.
Canada Finance posted 4 years ago

Owen works at 7/11
Canada Finance posted 4 years ago

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