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UK Ministry of Finance
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This is an anouncement with regards to our Monetary Markets. As an effort to stabalise our economy we would like to point out that our Exchange rates are 1GBP = 0.1gold. Please follow this guideline when trading on our Markets

Thank You
UK Ministry of Finance posted 1 year ago

We've just released a new article about our current situation.

UK Ministry of Finance posted 3 years ago

If you are a UK citizen and you regularly sell products, then please mail this account to be part of a new phase in the UKs history.

Long Live The King!
UK Ministry of Finance posted 4 years ago

Answering the dangerously low wages issue on our market, Royal Armed Forces is now recruiting to their companies, paying in GBP, for those who wish to work for our currency.

Jobs have been put up for economical skills 6, 7 and 8. If you have any questions or request, message highdon
UK Ministry of Finance posted 4 years ago

Vote yes for money donation in congress, please.
UK Ministry of Finance posted 4 years ago

Hello citizens! We have regained our freedom but there is still much to do to rebuild the country. A meeting for everyone interested in internal affairs will be held tonight at 6:30 PM (7:30PM server time). Will albo include recruitment for government position and work in RAF.

Our IRC channel: link
UK Ministry of Finance posted 4 years ago

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