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Military unit Sierra Leone national MU
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Bank of Sierra Leone Org posted 2 years ago

Hi citizen!
We are collecting money into orgs, if you have any needless currency or want to sell currency, then pleas send PM to Bank of Sierra Leone Org. Max gold amount you can ask is 0.03 gold for one currency of any country.
Thank you!
Bank of Sierra Leone Org posted 3 years ago

The Sierra Leone bank is back, and we do campaign to collect money and food. Every donation is welcome, this food and money what we got/get will be for beginners and for every weekend award.
Thank You!
Bank of Sierra Leone Org posted 3 years ago

hi all
unfortunately our CO located in 1 of worse regions. currently the region is in control of various countries each day & sometimes that country have not control their capital who caused to 20% less productivity for our workers. so their work is loss for us sometimes.
anyway ill wait few days & i hope that region get stable but if it doesnt happened we have to relocated the CO.
& 1 more point is that i try to make our CC stable on mm.hope that you will help me.
Bank of Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

for the players who stole money, products, raws from Sierra leone ORG's and its national MU this an an open warning return the assets or you will be fined or banned permanently. ORG logs are being investigated, let it be now before the ban by SGO
Bank of Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

RW started in moyamba, join this national MU http://suna.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=35 for 20% bonus damage plz
all are welcome and the commune will start soon so don't miss the opportunity
Bank of Sierra Leone Org posted 4 years ago

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