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Members: 1
Total party strength: 5,088
Prestige: 11316
Party type: Centre
Wins in presidential elections: 53
Wins in congress elections: 261

★ Partai pertama di Suna Indonesia★
~One Party, One Unity, One Nation~

Idealogy: Radical Centre
Political Position: Centre

1) Mewujudkan pertahanan yang stabil lewat process kolonisasi dalem region Asia.

2) Mewujudkan ekonomi yang berfungsi dan berkembang

3) Mewujudkan politik yang kondusif dan berkualitas

4) Mewujudkan persaudaraan yang bersinergi

5) Mewujudkan militer yang kuat dan di support lewat Government

★ ★ ★ ★
~Party Leadership~

General Secretary: 4ZALUM *
Chairman: (Position reserved for party cadre who is elected CP)
Vice Chairmen:

★ ★ ★ ★

If you are an aspiring statesmen and wish to gain significant political backing as a member of PGI, contact a member of our party leadership to arrange an interview

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