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The Continued Chronicles - Nexia Mid-Server Report [Day 60] (Statistics)
Posted 1 month ago by

Welcome to a new instance of the Continued Chronicles.
For the Suna Branch, this is the first of the updated articles regarding the current ongoing servers. Keep in mind im narrating as if i were a Nexia player, so some vocabulary may seem out of place.

Holy hell i picked the worst time to go afk, because we're into some INTENSE WARRING happening on the server! this is the classic Mother of All Wars we see in every temp server, going in FULL FORCE!

the sides are set, the Bosnia-led Coalition versus the Kyrgyz-led coalition. who shall come out victorious?

But first lets start the recap!

Holy smokes it looks completely different, empires are now fighting each other to see which is the far superior coalition of the bunch. there is going to be a LOT of action in the coming days!

Top 5 -

Bosnia & Herzegovina

This would've looked cleaner if it wasnt for the fact im doing this too late. argh.

Due to a random overlooking mistake, i put Day 30's map with a Day 340. lmao

Anyway, we're halfway done! and this means more grueling tasks with this map because its taking LONGER to make.. AEEEEE

New colors outside of the dominating lime green.. this will be interesting.

Resuming the story from Day 45, where we left off from the Brazilian Civil War.

The OverPowered side won the Civil War and kept control of the country, and actually held a near majority inside of congress for a while. Although, after that, the Suvalkai side of the conflict started seeking for more allies to help them in their struggle. They eventually contacted the United Arab Emirates, who was in tense relations with Georgia at the time, for such task. Between the 15 days of the period, OverPowered had total control, until another Civil War in the eve of Day 59 overthrew their control and gave it back to the Suvalkai allies.
This is not the end of such prowess though, OverPowered is STILL looking to force control back to themselves over Brazil due to the incoming Congress Elections, trying to lock out all Suvalkai members.

However... the Mother of All Wars was heating up. There was a looming war involving two different coalitions. One led by Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the Suvalkai Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Germany, etc, and the other led by Kyrgyzstan, with China, Colombia, Georgia, Bulgaria and others aiding them.

the tense UAE-Georgia border exploded. and violently. UAE launched a surprise attack on Georgia controlled Western Iran, which immediately started the World War. Georgia won the initial attack which led to a cataclysmic event of UAE colonies being liberated one by one, with Bosnia & Herzegovina grabbing some of them for dinner. However, a key defensive victory inside a Qatari region caused the Emirati side to gain the upper hand and start a counter attack. with new friends on board such as Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany, they wound up beginning the counter attack on Day 60, the Resistance War day (which may i add, this server is obsessed as hell with Resistance Wars).

Everything flat out sploded on Georgia. they lost most colonies within 3 days of the counter attack, and even Kyrgyzstan is being affected by it, with Russia being liberated properly for the first time in over a month.

Other conflicts that have happened during this period was a minor conflict between the No Limits coalition (Vietnam and co.) & Germany, and Poland. Poland had imperialist plans to dominate Northern Europe, and it worked for about a week.. However, there was considerable resistance present in Germany, and after the Nordic invasion, No Limits intervened and put a halt to the conflict by forcing Poland to cores only. They signed a treaty afterward.

So i would ask myself, what would be the changes that will happen..? If the conflict manages to stay afloat until Day 75, there will be a mini fifth recap for such. but its just another matter of waiting and seeing. Atleast that the server is over halfway through, the map is looking perfect.

Region Change difference:

1st - Bosnia & Herzegovina - 82 > 106 [+29.26%]
2nd - Colombia - 62 > 78 [+25.81%]
3rd - China - 44 > 51 [+15.91%]
4th - Vietnam - 48 > 46 [-4.34%]
5th - Kyrgyzstan - 44 > 43 [-2.36%]
6th - Brazil - 54 > 27 [-50%]
FALLS OFF - Georgia - 49 > 17 [-63.31%]

Since the next few parts barely have nothing to speak about, i will rapidfire these.

Brazil still in the Top because of the internal crisis debate. Kyrgyzstan catching up as well, and Poland surprisingly in the Top 3.

Big supplies go brrrrr

we're down to only 1 Russia in the Top 15. the graph is super international like the Top XP graph.

This theme never eeeeends

I dont know if any of these sets are loaned as of right now so ummmm..

1st -
Crit - 38.80% | Miss - 1.89% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 169.96%
Set Score - 13,826

2nd -
Crit - 38.76% | Miss - 1.95% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 168.15%
Set Score - 13,742

3rd -
Crit - 39.17% | Miss - 1.77% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 160.42% |
Set Score: 13,483

4th -
Luxie [Only fully completed Q7 set]
Crit - 40% | Miss - 1.63% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 135.14% | Dmg - 9.68%
Set Score: 13,198

Crit - 38.49% | Miss - 1.98% | Avoid - 39.71% | Max - 146.61%
Set Score - 12,768

6th -
Crit - 40% | Miss - 1.97% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 102.20% | Dmg - 15.82%
Set Score - 12,245
Set Link - https://i.imgur.com/80t7kbb.png

7th -
Salvador Dali
Crit - 37.91% | Miss - 0% | Avoid - 40% |Max - 96.00% | Dmg - 18.70%
Set Score - 12,157
Set Link - https://i.imgur.com/RqFfRw9.png

8th -
Comrade 21
Crit - 38,85% | Miss - 0% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 87.59% | Dmg - 22.21%
Set Score - 12,133
Set Link - https://i.imgur.com/DjDubjY.png

9th -
Crit - 31.87% | Miss - 2.18% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 136.80%
Set Score - 11,807
Set Link - https://i.imgur.com/8YqEmih.png

10th -
Crit - 40% | Miss - 1.82% | Avoid - 40% | Max - 83.23% | Dmg - 18.65%
Set Score - 11.648
Set Link - https://i.imgur.com/iDk2FuA.png

Overall Military Unit Changes -

1st - Dark Legion (Unchanged) [24.9 - 29kkk]
2nd - Elite Team (Unchanged) [13 - 23.3kkk]
3rd - Valhalla (Unchanged) [10.7 - 19.8kkk]
4th - Top Gun [6th - 4th) [8.8 - 19.7kkk]
5th - OverPowered (7th - 5th) [6.8 - 17.7kkk]
6th - Suvalkai (4th - 6th) [9.9 - 16.5kkk]
7th - Justice (5th - 7th) [9.1 - 15.7kkk]
8th - Lego Heroes (NEWCOMER) [13.2kkk]
9th - UAE Special Forces (10th - 9th) [5 - 12.4kkk]
10th - Game of Drones (9th - 10th) [6 - 8.6kkk]

Dark Legion is close to being beaten but still far away. damn.

This concludes the Fourth Recap of the Nexia Chronicles.

Have a good one y'all.

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