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The Chronicles of the Temporary Servers [Part 3] (Statistics)
Posted 1 month ago by

Part 3 - The Mayhem Era - Warring States

Welcome to part 3 of the Chronicles covering the history of all the temporary servers. This time, i will bring to you all the news of the servers 19 to 27, or what i like to call the Mayhem Era. A lot of chaotic events happened during this time, from the timeperiod between Early 2019 and Late 2020.

well, not much else to say, lets get right into it.

Duration - 120 Days [February - June 2019]
Server Winner:

Yet another server that was subject to massive experimentation. This is the first of the 3 Battle Royale servers that have happened so far, in which fully conquering a country means the nation cannot play anymore. It was absolutely hideous for everyone.

This server is what i refer to as my Magnum Opus, as i was the Leader for over half the server for Lithuania. Although this wasn't entirely my doing, because i took over around the start of the Second Month of it. Ever since then, all strategies were discussed and divulged with the primary alliance, consisting of Israel, Belgium (which lasted until the last month), Sweden and others.

While my behavior was still developing at the time, and the progress especially after the first half completely stalled to the point of repeatedly losing direct attacks, Lithuania successfully pulled invasions of Hungary (a mortal enemy and target for the alliance), and the USA (albeit by Belgium as the resistance on the Lithuania attacks was MASSIVE). Not only that, i was humilliated by Mexico and the Latin Americans (lmao), but by then i was pretty much alone 24/7.

Despite that, i have to hand it to Warlord, who was my right hand man and supporter of everything over this entire server, leading Israel. Israel showcased their best performance ever on a temporary server, with DonV Corleone's crew leading Belgium and Warlord leading Israel getting 2nd and 3rd respectively. Brazil and Argentina round up the medals on this server.

Duration - 120 Days [April - August 2019]
Server Winner:

I have no map whatsoever of this server. instead, here's the shown regions.

Appropriate to its origin name, Pandoria is the Pandora's Box of e-sim. it's possibly known as the worst normal server in history, because it has had a long history of rampant cheating and rule breaking that was caught on too late. It was so bad that, according to information i scouted, Croatia was losing a lot of their soldiers by the end of the server due to bans.

This server has been apparently subjected to a LOT of controversy, especially between the players. But then it was mysteriously erased. Maybe the game does not want us to know? Perhaps by knowing what this server was, we would be subjected to torments..

Duration - 120 Days [June - October 2019]
Server Winner:

Furia's map is of garbage quality. man..

Atleast we're back into normal land. but wow, this is what is referred to as the World Bridge. Poland simply went haywire everywhere.

from Alaska to China to Norway and South Africa, they were present in all 4 corners of the world. Hungary (AGAIN), Uganda (idk whats that green nation in Africa so blind guessing), Morocco and Romania accompanied Poland into podium medalists.

Duration - 120 Days [August 2019 - January 2020]
Server Winner -

It's time for the Third Giant of South America to show its ultimate power.

Out of all the servers, this is the one i got the most information about. The initial sides were regarding the conflict between Egypt & allies Israel and Croatia, and the winning alliance of Argentina, Russia, and Slovenia, with Poland joining them later. Initially Egypt held the upper hand for a while, but they eventually faltered as well. However their allies survived.

Argentina was mostly dominated by the natives themselves led by legendary player Luis Fonsi, but overtime multiple crews, including Macedonians, Russians (Legion MU) and Slovenians joining up with them for the easy victory altogether. their former enemies both secured medals, and so did the Philippines (their best performance in a temp) and Turkey.

Duration - 120 Days [November 2019 - March 2020]
Server Winner:

another map with garbage quality, oop

Yet another experimentation server, and this time, the idea came around of throwing EVERY SINGLE country that existed in the game (except Puerto Rico) into a server. What could possibly go wrong?
a lot of things.

Inflation was pathetically high, because with 165+ countries there's always going to be a LOT of hunting. and with a lot, i mean a lot. Events were farmable for months on end, everything's price seemed to skyrocket. Atleast the map is nice, ey

Regardless, on first sight, Russia may not seem like the winner, until the massive cluster of territory they conquered over on Africa. EVERY major nation went warmonger mode in this server: Tanzania, Somalia, Egypt, India, Serbia, Poland and Greece. You name the nation, you conquer it. this was just Expand Country Simulator 2019.

Duration - 120 Days [December 2019 - April 2020]
Server Winners:
Belgium &

The second of the major changes that this game implemented overtime. This is the first server that introduced the Q7 Equipments. Before this, every single server had the highest standard of Q6. Going beyond it was gonna be instrumental for the winners overall.

This server had a LOT of betrayals, and most of the top nations really did not look at each other with a friendly smile, except the winners. Bulgaria was originally thought to be the powerhouse at the start of this, but a series of mistakes and a "friendly face" forced them to move to Belgium. Egypt was ravaged by Belgium and Romania when the server nearly ended, and other fellow server winners Japan and Argentina minding their own business, not wanting to see the action those two were making. Poland, while they squished a medal by luck, did not appreciate the sight of the 2 mega empires staring it down directly.

This server also held the biggest spender in history, Fantezy, who went ahead and burnt enough for 18 TOTAL Fundraisers. There was actually a close second spender with 15, in semi-conquered Thailand.

Duration - 120 Days [February - June 2020]
Server Winner:

We have arrived at the Pandemic. The month Euforia started is also the month the world started getting punched, therefore giving people more spare time to play. USA and Bolivia clearly dominated the entire server, altho it seemed more like a Bolivia victory, because overtime USA was reduced to only 4 active players. Bolivia was made by a very similar crew that made South America a major threat (Suburbia flashbacks). If they had beaten USA they would have been the first non European country to win twice.

Other notable performances include Croatia and Turkey, who i really don't appreciate being the same color as Bolivia because it causes eyesore trying to identify who's who; as well as Saudi Arabia.

Duration - 120 Days [April - August 2020]
Server Winner:

And here we go with some weird ideas that were never implemented after being in 1 server. in this case it was the Pandemic itself arriving to the game. Which, lets be real, NOBODY and their multis understood what it was. This was also the first server where unique sets with Third Parameters were introduced to the game. The parameters went from slight increase in company production to straight up getting your set to 40 Crit 40 Avoid without hesitation.

Again with high activity, also came some interesting crews. Most notably the long-lasting and dominating Bundeswehr from Primera, who was one of the top MUs of such server, took control of Germany and had a LOT of action altogether. They, along with the USA, Iran, Spain and others to make up the podium of the server.

Duration - 120 Days [May - October 2020]
Server Winner:

If you have ever heard of Deriva before or was an active player of the server, you instantly recognize one name:


Unknown to him, the meme of everyone turning into an ArnasDek became the winning crew's pride and symbol. Initially being all punished due to an unintentional exploit, they later went on to create the first of 2 "Half World Wipes", the other coming up soon. They also had a rocky start, losing their cores very early on, with Peru and Argentina holding them back for a while. Then it was faced with 3 interesting scenarios, where they went from 200 to 100 regions, then back up to 200, and down again to 30. Then finally they went back to over 200.

That's just intense mayhem if i have seen some. Poland, Libya, Bangladesh and Spain round up the Top 5, with Bangladesh in specific being carried by a single player.

This ends Part 3. The Fourth part will come out very soon.

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