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The Chronicles of the Temporary Servers [Part 2] (Statistics)
Posted 3 months ago by

Part 2 - Breakthrough and Evolution, From Slow to Fast.

Welcome to Part 2 of The Chronicles covering the history of all of the 39 temporary servers that have existed over the game's history, that have spanned over a period a little over 7 years long. All of these servers have held important memories, events and personal experiences that are really hard to replicate anywhere else

Duration - 180 Days [May - November 2017]
Server Winner:

Suburbia's map is of trash quality. oops.

We begin with a big one. This is the Magnum Opus of the Peruvians and their main crew, the Peruvian Golden Visa gang, the biggest accomplishment that a South American nation (and natives) have pulled in its history. This is also the first server that the Server Winners are not an European focused crew, making this victory far more satisfying.
This server introduced some oddballs to the mix, adding the nations of San Marino and Palestine, and it was also the first of 2 controversial servers that had only a select list of countries make it through, with 45 countries making it in. The biggest absence is Romania.

Thanks to Jebb, who (most likely, i dont remember) led Peru in Suburbia, the entire country has never suffered a defeat over the entire server. Their main enemies were the people who were supporting Palestine's attack against Israel, with Peru backing up Israel. the two nations became powerhouses and dominated all over, with other nations such as Sweden, Poland, Greece and their pto country Colombia butting in for some regions.

Duration - 180 Days [July 2017 - January 2018]
Server Winners:
Hungary AND

This is the second of the oddball servers, which had the list of nations that was voted in by player preference. Notable nations that did not make it through are Greece, Croatia and Mexico, all of which were present in almost every iteration of the Global maps at the time. The Nordics were also erased.

This is also the first server that we actually get TWO different winners; Hungary, which has secured its second victory, becoming the first nation to win twice (..huh), and Portugal, with its biggest performance of any temp server.

The addition of Kekistan, placed dead center in the Atlantic Ocean, was the biggest meme of the server, and it went on to appear on the next server as well. Peru secured its second medal in a row, with Bulgaria and Tunisia joining the ranks.

However, a sad streak of events ocurred in the final month that caused Indonesia, the strongest nation at the time, to lose their Winning position overall.

Duration - 180 Days [September 2017 - March 2018]
Server Winner:
South Korea

This is the first of 2 servers that i do not have a map of any kind, the other being Pandoria, therefore, im gonna place instead the Top Damage leaderboard at the end of this server.

Unfortunately Terra is the first of 2 servers whose database was completely altered hard by the Admin, the other being Pandoria (...again), as they were turned into Code distribution centers and magically turned into Oriental for no reason, respectively.

However, this doesn't stop me from narrating what happened here. Kekistan returns this server and with a vengeance, getting a crew of Lucky Charms, presumably for fun, as its the famous Control Alt Defeat crew. South Korea was led by a crew of Slovakians (with Leader MayXo) which were later merged together with the Bosnians (led by Yeffe) to together dominate and take the winning slot, alongside their ally Saudi Arabia.

This server also holds the record of most damage anyone can do in a Slow Temporary server, with Troublemaker's 8 billion damage not being replicated again until the advent of the Speed Servers. a true achievement indeed.

Duration - 180 Days [November 2017 - May 2018]
Server Winner:

And here comes the 20th Century vibing in, and with it, my first big notable performance since Ethnica. But it did not matter as Poland and Lithuania completely ravaged the entire world. The resistance that were opposing the duo of countries were Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Mexico, but only the latter managed to survive until the end owing to constant side switching, and snagged a medal for convenience sake. Argentina, Ireland and Greece round up the medals.

Duration - 180 Days [January - July 2018]
Server Winners: Ottoman Empire and Burma (2 nonexistant flags)

what else than returning to the 19th century as well. and with it, old empires came back. The Ottoman Empire were the clear dominating force from the very start, and allying with Burma, they have split yet another Server Winner.

The notable resistance came in the hands of Spanish America and Holy Roman Empire, both countries were opposing hard the idea of conquest from the alliance of Ottomans, Burma, and Tokugawa Shogunate (Japan) and Britain, such opposition was called Freeworld. in the end, they couldn't resist.

With this server, the era of slow servers has come to an end, as the next server enters a new era of changes..

Duration - 180 Days [April - October 2018]
Server Winner:

Oh boy.
This server has revolutionized e-sim. EVERYTHING about how we play this game today surfaced here.

This server became the foundation point of the Speed Server style, in which, instead of regenerating 15/15 limits every 24 hours, you gain 1/1 and 100 HP every 10 MINUTES. this was HUGE for the playerbase at the time, and was not expecting this server to be as active as it was originally planned. It was so much that this is the only server i remember being the crash fest of the entire game. it crashed daily for months on end. lmao.

Probably one of the most memorable servers. It set the gold standard of playstyle, something that came into fruition with the birth of Alpha sometime during the development of the Luna server.

As for the nations, Brazil is the clear victor, no questions asked. It's also the second time the Americas triumphed on a temporary server, with their crew being comprised of Brazilians and Latin Americans. Norway, Serbia and Germany also pulled exceptional results.

Xaria is arguably the best server in e-sim history.

Duration - 120 Days [June - October 2018]
Server Winner:

AAAAND all the hype from Xaria's success came tumbling down like an avalanche.

Nebula tried to take the Speed Server concept even further by separating every country into 30 regions and making rounds 20 minutes long, but with catastrophic failures.
Conquering barely had any meaning and became far more difficult, so was liberation of other countries. Maps looked UGLYYY (altho this wont beat a certain server i will talk later) and became an eyesore. Unfortunately this concept lasted for 4 whole servers.

While this era was all about the innovation and experimentation, sometimes they don't work in the right way, and the response in Nebula was just straight up negative. Hungary secured their THIRD VICTORY in a temp. This is while every other winner still hasn't obtained their second. Netherlands, Chile and Poland also showcased superiority.

Duration - 120 Days [October 2018 - February 2019]
Server Winner:



ok jk. However, despite this being Hungary's 4th win, this is probably the most controversial victor i've seen in a temp server. Brazil held a bigger advantage overall; as a major battleground of this server was concentrated between Mexico and the South Americans. but they had to settle for a 2nd place. Hungary was only 4th in Top damage in comparison, as they were beaten by the Netherlands (who took 1st in damage while remaining peaceful for SOME reason), Serbia and Brazil, which only shows how crazy these stands looked overall.

This server was.. interesting and uninteresting at the same time. Its like a lot of stuff happened and nothing happened.

However, this server also left a sour mouth as it was the epicenter of an org stealing that was never solved. Unfortunate.

Duration - 120 Days [December 2018 - April 2019]
Server Winners: European Union AND Indochina & Oceania

Apologies as i don't have a map of this either, so i will show you a Map of what Omega looked like.

Okay, so there's a few things immediately standing out on this server.

First of all, it was set up for a chaotic disappointment the very beginning it was announced. There were only 11 countries with 60 regions each, eclipsing even Nebula for biggest "What is this?" moment.

And it was true, this server became the epitome of Farmville. it was nothing but Farm Farm Farm. its probably the most dissapointing server in history. The EU and Indochina split badges while Latin America and United China also stood alive until the end, as the rest were conquered entirely.

This is the end of the second chapter. Stay tuned for the third set.

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