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TOP 100 players SUNA (stats) (Fun)
Posted 6 months ago by

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78.57 % Yes
21.42 % No
Total votes: 42

# Nick Citizenship Crit Miss Avoid Max Dmg Per limit Per berserk Eco
1 King Marac Uzbekistan401.6340174.4301415984960
2 Ozzy Osbourne Cuba39.081.6633.54188.5101321987860
3 TheFonsiX Argentina37.653.338.7157.301278178340
4 Arm_001 Armenia37.633.0438.48157.2901275778480
5 Darman Sweden37.653.1338.52157.0601275078390
6 SS45` Bosnia and Herzegovina37.53.1238.41157.3901272778380
7 Haay Germany37.693.138.3157.2901272078480
8 Messi` Turkey37.693.1538.26157.1701270278420
9 Tengri_AZE Azerbaijan37.353.3238.19157.4301265078190
10 Castilhos oD4 Moldova37.343.2838.31155.7301261177800
11 Dead Man Iran37.733.2938.39153.9501259377590
12 CalibreTR Turkey37.93.0437.79155.6701257878250
13 niko13 United Arab Emirates37.46040137.3901253975230
14 carbium Sweden37.753.0537.92154.1201252977780
15 Intuicion Niger37.743.0838.29151.9301251477220
16 grubcio1212 Poland36.233.2138.31154.9401248277000
17 LaidToRest Sweden37.193.4638.44148.9801234375980
18 Nate Bulgaria37.35038.29137.2101217475130
19 Boba_Fett Cameroon37.41038.16137.1501215275150
20 Kakarot07 Sweden36.153.3337.01152.8101212676380
21 blood duster Croatia37.56039.57114.928.421211373200
22 IMPERATOR` Austria37.31037.99137.0601210675070
23 xxK4S4Pxx Mali37.23.2137.95115.6416.41203574680
24 XERXES56 Mauritania28.99037.72156.0901203274940
25 Jagernaut Armenia37.353.2736.09151.7301202476840
26 Sterminetor Eritrea37.873.0430.38177.2701199083470
27 killoff Poland37.883.1130.24176.9401194983350
28 sponge Bulgaria36.773.2738.41125.68.311194373560
29 kjdavid Sweden37.443.0538.22138.101193373720
30 Lundenor Sweden373.1937.48128.168.221188674310
31 Projce Nigeria37.353.0737.74139.1401187273910
32 barcelona_oleeee Oman37.073.3137.79128.566.451184273670
33 Great Demon Oman37.53038.8596.9116.551178772080
34 DaliborMKD Sweden37.18038.18113.538.31174472600
35 999azoooz999 Argentina37.233.2729.68174.9301171382370
36 Benogabo Hungary35.753.2236.8142.2301166073690
37 JustKinder San Marino36.723.044093.616.581154669280
38 The Piggy Argentina37.023.1829.7168.6601149180780
39 ARIS69 Greece37.423.3138.396.8216.661139570311.5
40 Adana` Lebanon37.2029.82156.2901136579760
41 Michael17694 Eritrea36.57038.56115.8301130369450
42 Melkor Finland35.413.264090.3916.621128967740
43 Haruka` Armenia36.14038.77111.5401113468180
44 The LeGned Syria4004097.2601108566510
45 Petrezselyem van a zsebemben Somalia403.0840103.101108166490
46 Narek Kostanyan Armenia39.0604097.2501101066060
47 BcydeR Israel403.0736.97114.1301098069210
48 ariel1357 Israel403.3329.39146.8701092477130
49 BlackCondor Finland40038.07100.6501087767360
50 RON54345 Taiwan403.1929.94137.5401069374910
51 Derby Cameroon400405916.91066163970
52 Maina BG Oman36.02036.28109.6101061667640
53 ImperatorMKD Republic of Macedonia37.713.814097.1601059863590
54 Osman Ghazi Zambia39.145.9936.5686.3616.451059567210
55 kruvina orchideja Lithuania25.21036.17131.7601053767260
56 kostastsi Djibouti35.26039.5993.4601048463330
57 Dersu Netherlands403.3936.3950.9632.031047666640
58 MarcosF16 Argentina35.933.6221.76176.801045581800
59 BarcityWakawaka New Zealand3404069.1614.421044662680
60 Winchester Dean The Gambia34.283.1634.5998.3514.661044468310
61 JerusalemStyle Israel37.35021.381518.361042881980
62 valdons Latvia4004080.7401039162350
63 B3nn Germany403.1439.4788.4601038362850
64 christianyul Argentina37.67013.26196.701038190040
65 tric0 Honduras40036.0296.8901038166420
66 kruno22 Tajikistan35.48034.6298.567.141033767580
67 Nooberella Guyana4004078.9401031561890
68 wuste Oman403.3235.4775.4516.731029466430
69 KecskeShajt Japan4004078.4101029361760
70 Guccifer Israel37.713.055236.0101027497600
71 nevo1234 Israel39.8704077.7301025561530
72 FLEgex Sweden38.763.2729.75128.4201024471970
73 _Arsen_ Armenia37.43.155235.6401023397220
74 amir hossein avas Iran36.343.3237.9998.1601022663410
75 umbx Eritrea28.22028.64149.0201021072860
76 senator ATILA Iran34.74035.94102.801020265350
77 standanek Sri Lanka39.75021.68149.7601016379600
78 tadasx12 Lithuania403.225225.2601015796490
79 Avatar the Best Iraq36.3204032.1229.541014360860
80 Allium Somalia35.38036.3786.316.851012564430
81 XaNkro Portugal29.423.2629.9117.8716.481010770850
82 Ulka Senegal21.6804081.4216.361005160310
83 heleen Central African Republic20.963.1540116.8601002160120
84 dekili Tanzania4004059.117.511000860050
85 ven4os Uruguay37.7205216.370999594950
86 jurasevic Lithuania40030110.880999269940
87 auksis Sierra Leone37.6505216.320998994890
88 Heruz Sweden34.9026.84134.220998773060
89 Yudansha Gabon27.99029.64136.770993669910
90 VAN kingdom Georgia37.2705215.060992894320
91 loucifer Qatar34.646.1127.56144.170992771910
92 Pufii Uganda37.21013.38167.248.39991985920
93 Galileo Dominican Republic404.2427.8587.3323.29991771550
94 Tomeczek Equatorial Guinea12.5021.66175.0424.82990277570
95 lizhen3 China4004056.847.21989259350
96 Hyoudou Panama40032.8296.450987066310
97 Manolouku Mouku Greece40035.1773.48.24986563960
98 DeathHidden Costa Rica36.72028113.155.09985470950
99 RoseHeadSSSSS Taiwan39.73039.9459.415.46984959150
100 tomukas1111 Sweden40021.521400984777280

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You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

The last and probably the most important module is military. In E-Sim, countries are constantly fighting each other for control over territories which in return grant them access to more valuable raw materials. For this purpose, they form alliances, they fight international wars, but they also have to deal with, for example, uprisings in conquered countries or civil wars, which may explode on their territory. You can also take part in these clashes, although you are also given the opportunity to lead a life as a pacifist who focuses on other activities in the game (for example, running a successful newspaper or selling products).

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