Esim - [stats] Day 2769 - Day 2782 (Part 1)

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[stats] Day 2769 - Day 2782 (Part 1) (Statistics)
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Hi, Stats From Day 2769 to Day 2782 From Battle ID 162912 to 164133.
(2 weeks)

TOP 50 Citizen statistics

#CitizenCitizenshipMUQ1Q5DMGBHsBest dmg in 1 battleBest dmg in 1 roundBest hit
1 kene
TheGladiators 94577062.001.422.265177823.851.346197.488.2422.789.178
2 Jotaka
Assassin Squad 58651551.734.542.612124620.529.553265.346.7136.135.276
3 ArnasDek
MD3 166851.639.972.38530830.512.100165.589.4152.317.965
4 TheFonsiX
Assassin Squad 209758171.531.677.01368500.846.748130.126.0764.781.080
5 Ozzy Osbourne
La Familia 223164121.236.133.543162413.929.182197.367.2694.017.000
6 Dievs
Assassin Squad 17038711.059.398.13217459.942.012272.436.8604.674.762
7 64rus
Assassin Squad 02655980.794.0713979.238.867495.299.4054.894.191
8 dordox
Assassin Squad 4474827935.360.32836271.578.290192.165.3914.349.362
9 Endeavor
Assassin Squad 9432651907.535.87135209.517.133153.092.4744.988.072
10 killoff
Qanon 03945904.066.55650677.759.630361.521.7402.325.925
11 Mises`
Assassin Squad 542693859.807.07832613.729.904237.847.8485.391.928
12 Keniakinpiter
Assassin Squad 7053325801.844.4216251.700.640123.690.1553.648.172
13 Kakarot07
La Familia 02504790.814.7634328.726.642172.692.2814.359.206
14 Haay
T_A_R_D_I_S 465082770.925.786115188.874.06070.715.4172.125.775
15 LaidToRest
La Familia 254360765.592.16039363.106.076173.071.1953.142.413
16 tadasx12
MD3 03876752.099.615111317.698.178110.484.8332.408.626
17 blood duster
EVIL MU 33942419739.655.214105248.523.82999.881.4703.835.345
18 Gustav Vasa
Ejercito Patriota Argentino 6793312719.764.314103299.823.312126.387.0753.298.249
19 Mike Ross
La Familia 3632402705.432.35948285.314.244205.350.5694.993.427
20 albe
La Familia 2333034650.093.47226268.480.419227.298.9664.278.492
21 Justokas5
La Familia 44311495601.021.90941157.363.250130.447.3172.483.601
22 King Marac
Puppetland 225230582.750.183262114.775.66648.703.7822.313.454
23 _geolog_
SAS 2572971565.987.15839136.232.56092.273.2793.432.525
24 heleen
Separ 03375563.270.44857347.857.40697.297.0772.198.064
25 Lundenor
La Familia 25302185560.624.29174271.387.377247.942.4333.163.387
26 Friedman`
Assassin Squad 5002165511.601.42417238.778.667101.874.0383.749.193
27 Arm_001
SAS 1043286509.283.939124120.826.47743.715.5392.524.866
28 VAN kingdom
KILIKIA Christian Legion 272768490.082.75519495.379.05051.236.8692.326.411
29 Sinner Betan
La Familia 1752028473.643.49611143.864.567114.883.6423.153.391
30 Doctor Mysterio
T_A_R_D_I_S 01860463.047.36914138.886.09057.626.4384.125.135
31 Nairobi
Assassin Squad 6531532445.416.7275153.999.39687.179.4273.877.744
32 ven4os
Ejercito Nacional Uruguayo 9081896444.745.38557180.983.70029.541.6003.683.342
33 Edward James Kennway
Black Sails 152392440.978.35635168.897.21891.450.5453.290.017
34 Stbklzcczzlv
Stbklzcczzlv elitni Ceskoarmadni vojenska jednotka gang 4482840435.540.361168203.557.91079.276.3621.356.804
35 B a t i c a
La Familia 4371980415.535.2656231.820.268120.321.7502.894.970
36 Petar Kresimir V
Malawian Power 13502048409.265.7586363.705.54563.705.5453.297.320
37 dabog
Miligrami 9504220395.839.37718106.919.38561.609.0052.014.115
38 Phoenic
Phoenicia Legion 191690382.623.18624202.493.482101.487.5053.040.348
39 Benogabo
UNIT 2022190379.545.8629302.306.34574.994.0981.655.167
40 Carpio
BlackHawk 13432385346.486.65080192.550.05939.420.4061.307.255
41 eric_ady
Soimii Patriei 39500333.877.08499280.932.30159.565.989667.017
42 Dowis
MD3 951594332.625.4088132.067.66263.630.0543.431.830
43 Intuicion
BlackHawk 5093157328.531.82587247.889.53934.225.6871.127.889
44 Rollo Lodbrok
Ay Yildiz 5311670318.709.74723216.405.815129.516.8252.630.235
45 Piotr Bendyk
Antifa 7743001318.326.90466106.486.77440.292.9022.008.597
46 TheAgvstinn
Death Squad 201498318.236.9922290.890.38745.361.0964.177.598
47 k 21
Assassin Squad 19101225316.426.17955190.910.24987.019.8391.631.763
48 Mukulembe
Miligrami 901320309.977.1734136.599.19190.788.3293.591.178
49 Guccifer
The Crew MU 12121885309.650.6596070.015.40640.469.7812.211.436
50 Yhwach
Hail Hydra 81707306.252.930155159.346.83649.316.4433.230.739

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