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Vanguard is recruiting ! (Military)
Posted 5 months ago by
Ned Stark_    

hello everyone

its been a long that we created Vanguard Mu and so far we have been successful

Vanguard fights for The Alliance and our friends

Vanguard fights for honor and pride and their friends

we are recruiting Tank fighters ( Q6 set or Q5 Q6 mix set ) and provide q5 weaps for them

Requirements for Membership and Application

• Must be active
• Experienced T-2 Fighter with understanding of battle coordination
• Economic Skill of 15 or higher
•       Must Work for Org
•       respect elders

 we provide full supplies for our fighters and we expect them provide us great damage

Work for free and fight like a BEAST

Contact  me  if you are interested in being a member of our family

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