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Reelect President Reddington? (Political)
Posted 2 months ago by
Raymond Reddington    

My fellow Australians, good night/morning/evening to everyone!

Today, with this article I announce my intention to reelect myself as President of Australia, I am very well aware that I'm the favorite in this race, but I don't want to understimate my oponent, so I will make this article to convince the ones that might still have doubts about their choice for President.

As you know, in the last months, Australia has witnessed an unpresedented economic growth, we started developing a Product Market, we have an stable monetary market with a Central Bank with healthy finances. Our Org is active, it has workers, and we are producing like never before. Let's see some data:

- Australia Org is producing again, we have workers, companies, and under our administration all debts have been paid.

This is a part of it, cause our country has improved in other aspects too, such as events! We have been winning 4-5 medkits every single league thanks to our coordination.

Now, the point is this, is all these thanks to me? Absolutelly not, in fact, I'd take only 20% of the credit, the rest is for Mike Ross and every single player that was part of this. But I am running for President in representation of all these people, and they are supporting me and working with me everyday. This is not just voting for Reddington, it's voting for La Familia team.

So let's confirm the path that Australia has taken, let's continue growing, and let's secure that Australia KEEPS MOVING FORWARD!

Thank you for reading me, I didn't want to make this too long, but if you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments!

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04-04-2019 13:51:47
(2 months ago)

gl bro

03-04-2019 23:42:32
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03-04-2019 23:05:29
(2 months ago)

Great team in Austraila, some of best players in game for sure.

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