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[TKF] Financial Services & Investing [Day 2055] (Economical)
Posted 2 months ago by
Denizen Kane    

Welcome to The Kane Foundations weekly financial newsletter. Here we'll highlight some of the banking services we have on offer as well as some of the SC's around the game that we believe deserve your attention.

Week to week you'll see updates to gains and losses (+/-) in current share prices, company valuations and index images. In addition I'll offer weekly stock tips to help guide investors to the most profitable investments.

The Kane Foundation is proud to provide a wide range of banking services to the citizens of Suna. Your personal level of access to these services is determined by your TKF credit rating. To find out which level you qualify for visit us on Discord today for a free assessment.

Maximum Credit Interest Rate Maximum Term Credit Account Eligible
Entry Level < 1000 Gold
0.5%/day 7-30 days
< 2500 Gold
0.33%/day 7-30 days
< 5000 Gold
0.33%/day 7-60 days
10000+ Gold
0.25%/day 7-90 days

Standard Loans - TKF offers the typical e-sim loan with factors such as maximum amount, term and interest rate determined by your credit rating as outlined in the table above.

Credit Accounts - Much like a traditional credit card a TKF credit account allows you to borrow more by only requiring a small percentage of the total due each month. Your credit account will operate on a monthly billing cycle and your credit limit and interest rate will once again be determined by your credit rating as outlined above. For further details and to get your credit account started today please visit us on Discord .

Debt Consolidation - Are you juggling multiple upcoming debts or perhaps one big debt that you could use an extension on? We'll work with you to pay off those debts and consolidate them into one small, single monthly payment. Using the methods outlined above in "credit accounts" we'll consolidate your current debts into a single loan, put you on a monthly billing cycle requiring just a 10% minimum monthly payment.

Liquidations - We'll buy pretty much anything if the price is right. Entire dormant SC's, problem inventory, slow moving items, large stock, dead currencies all have a value for the right price. Let us know what you've got and lets make a deal.

In this collection of SC's the share prices are determined strictly on the demand for the fixed rate weekly dividends provided. This differs from the traditional asset backed share valuation. This system offers a safe space for both investors and speculators alike as investors enjoy the simple profit calculations and speculators benefit from the steadily rising principal rates and high demand.

** If you feel like your SC fits this description please feel free to apply to have it featured here.
- Denizen Kane

** [Stock Tip] - TKF Exclusive is still in it's IPO stage and is rising sharply. This is easily the best buy of the lot this week.

Company Total Shares Current Share Price Weekly Dividend Consecutive Dividends Current Index
Elite Equipment Co. 100000 1.80 Gold
1000 Gold
25 weeks
TKF International 100000 1.74 Gold
1000 Gold
51 weeks
TKF Exclusive 1000 135.00 Gold
1000 Gold
6 weeks

**All information provided current as of Day 2055 (updated weekly)

Asset value backed SC's offer you the traditional public trading experience. Here the share values are determined in part by the actual asset value attributed to each share. CEO's and managers work tirelessly to generate profits and hopefully build upon the principal share value for their investors. In these SC's dividends are sometimes offered but are generally less frequent and less predictable. Here I've focused on asset backed SC's that are both generally active and have shares available to the public.

** If you feel like your SC fits this description please feel free to apply to have it featured here.
- Denizen Kane

** [Stock Tip] - Shares in Nassau are the hottest commodity on the server right now and prices are running high. However if you can get in for anywhere close to 5/share you stand a good chance to turn a healthy profit.

Company Total Shares Total Valuation Est. Share Value Current Share Price Current Index
Nassau Corp. 15000 27197.89 Gold
9.00 Gold
LatinoAmerica Investments Z 10000 8678.10 Gold
0.87 Gold
2.00 Gold
Bank of Angola 279 8660.58 Gold
31.04 Gold
35.00 Gold

**All information provided current as of Day 2055 (updated weekly)

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You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

The last and probably the most important module is military. In E-Sim, countries are constantly fighting each other for control over territories which in return grant them access to more valuable raw materials. For this purpose, they form alliances, they fight international wars, but they also have to deal with, for example, uprisings in conquered countries or civil wars, which may explode on their territory. You can also take part in these clashes, although you are also given the opportunity to lead a life as a pacifist who focuses on other activities in the game (for example, running a successful newspaper or selling products).

At the auction you can sell or buy your dream inventory.

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