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Sr Farsen



[1]HELP ME I'M A SLA- (Fun)
Posted 2 months ago by
Sr Farsen    

Hello everyone!

I'm now going to talk about Belgium, that's right, I'm in BELGIUM. I'm here because of Bapti , he kidnapped me and made me his slave. Of course this strange country has very strange rules and very strange persons. ONE of their strange rules is SLAVERY IS ILLEGAL, how come this happen? I could be deported to my beloved Romania!

That's when we decided that my unpronounceable name is INDEED very strange, I would get caught on the spot and SO I needed a new name. What name you may ask? Well, it was very difficult, apparently 98% of the Belgian family names are FRENCH and my sadistic slave master doesn't like the french, I mean...

After a lot of digging we have settled for a new name, Rik de Vlaeminck!


It's beautiful indeed, people are nice, there's cyclists all around and beer is all over the place!

(Belgian beer: nice to drink, hard to pronounce)

The language is a bit strange, apparently their country is roughly split on half, the French part and the Flemish part (sorry Germans), the Flemish part can be summed up to people drinking beer and speaking in something that sounds half English half demon invocations, the french part consists of smart french speaking Belgians who are probably the hardest working people one could ever find in a lifetime:

There I met some of Bapti traffic partners, probably the only that's worth mentioning is Yoshi as he's the only one that said anything important to me at all.

BUT THEN I met his leader, apparently he has a Portuguese name, he's Nascimento . He treated me well and even gave me places to work, LEGITIMATE WORK, of course I gave my most sincere apologies and refused as soon as I felt Bapti 's Glock on the back of my head.

I must say this two language thing is kind of confusing, thanks to it we got lost while leaving Brussels, apparently someone here doesn't know how to properly read and blames it all on french:

I MUST continue my adventures here, I hope I can have a good time and make some Belgian friends, maybe one day they'll let me eat the same food they eat.


Ass: Rik de ̶V̶e̶m̶l̶i̶c̶k̶ ̶V̶a̶e̶m̶l̶i̶k̶ ̶V̶la̶e̶m̶i̶n̶k̶ Vlaeminck (previously known as Farsen)

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Comments (2)
01-02-2019 18:03:58
(2 months ago)

Best article describing belgium i've seen so far xD

01-02-2019 8:31:40
(2 months ago)

What are u doing there? XD .

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