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Mr. Railman, I don't feel so good █▓▒░ (Political)
Posted 5 months ago by
Empress Nikolina    

So. The time has came for Nikolina Biricchina. After almost 4 years spent in e-sim it's high time to leave it permanently.
I can't say I didn't try to stay, because I really did. The problem is that it doesn't interest me anymore. The only thing that was keeping me alive since year or more was community but hey, you can keep in touch with them without playing the game .

I was thinking what should I write in my last article for many days. Summary of my activity? Words of thanks to closest mates? In very first versions of this text I used both of them. All led the article to be too long and boring.

I will limit myself therefore to thank my MU mates for this amazing year together.
Bourne85 adkolmik Roman Dmowski The Doppelganger Niran11 neptun90 Walecc aaoo Pierozek Athrarvan Denat sw_popka Wlodi500 Mietek Honorowski TheInfignite sp3x have fun and good luck on the battlefields .

Special words to some players:
Justokas5 , cya in hell
michal3922 , kiedyś dostaniesz nudeska
Cianora KarateKnakker Sic58 , good luck with the baby staff on alpha
Alycia Debnam Carey , although our relations weren't good lately I still remember "good" times
kpp99 , elo twin
Admin BB and Translation department , thank you for the opportunity to improve this game by helping you with maps and regions for speed servers
Billoue , odstaw prochy
FREE BREST , żebyś wyrósł na ładnego Lenina

With love for the last time,
Conquerorin of West Balkans and Poland
Eternal Queen of Belarussia

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Comments (34)
14-12-2018 19:41:49
(5 months ago)

Farewell mate.

10-12-2018 18:43:43
(5 months ago)


09-12-2018 14:44:43
(5 months ago)

Silverpin na pizde cie wale zara

08-12-2018 17:17:54
(5 months ago)

I dont like Gery-Nikol
Gl in Rl :-)

08-12-2018 15:01:04
(5 months ago)


08-12-2018 13:48:27
(5 months ago)

Where is the last nudes album? Link pls.

08-12-2018 8:35:40
(5 months ago)

Dobrze że zdechł

07-12-2018 23:00:47
(5 months ago)

500 Q5 weapon for sale at 0.42g
send contract directly

07-12-2018 22:47:51
(5 months ago)


07-12-2018 21:13:06
(5 months ago)

Elo, Ms. Nikolina

07-12-2018 20:45:51
(5 months ago)

no czekam

07-12-2018 19:36:40
(5 months ago)

Good luck at real life

Bye Boy

07-12-2018 13:33:10
(5 months ago)

The mother of Poland is leaving.

Sad day.

Thanks for all the help.

07-12-2018 13:23:00
(5 months ago)

Hard to vote.

07-12-2018 12:00:17
(5 months ago)

Good luck Nikolay

Enjoy life o7

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