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[EN/AR] e-Sim Ultimate Tool v3 - Online Website (Economical)
Posted 4 months ago by


Greetings all e-sim players.
I hope you have got a wonderful day!

Welcome to the online version of my E-sim Ultimate Tools.

This website will help you in some time-consuming calculations and minimize all of your efforts into some few inputs that you fill and everything is being calculated automatically.

Now even on your smartphone the website is fully responsive and require no refreshing at all. It will be just like an app.

I will make an FAQ/bugs article soon so subscribe if you want to keep up-to-date and message me with any question or report me a bug.

In the website, you have my Facebook Account, GitHub, e-sim profile and surely PayPal


E-sim Ultimate Tools Website

Main Tools:-

1. Equipment Merging Cost Guide
2. Mercenaries Profit Calculator
3. Money Exchange Market Guide
4. Loan System Calculator
5. Two Clickers Calculator


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

اهلا بكم فالنسخة الثالثة من اداتي المتخصصة في لعبة إي سيم

الموقع هيلخص عليك حسابات كتير و بتاخد وقت كتير و بتخلي كل اللي عليك انك بس تكتب ارقام و هو بيعمل كل حاجة

بالنسبة لمستخدمين الموبايل الموقع شغال بتلائم علي الموبايلات و مش بيعمل ريفرش فهتقدر تتعامل معاه زي اي ابلكيشن

يكون فيه مقالة قريب ان شاء الله للأسئلة المكررة و المشاكل فإشتركوا عشان يجيلكم المقالة و لو حد لقي اي مشكلة يقولي فرسالة

الادوات المتاحة:
1. حاسبة دمج المعدات
2. حاسبة تكاليف المرتزقة
3. اداة حساب معاملات سوق المال
4. سلفني شكرا
5. آداة للناس الخاملة


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Comments (9)
13-10-2018 19:27:03
(4 months ago)

I'll make every penny out of what i pay apple for this phone
The battery now hold for 2:30 hours use

13-10-2018 19:19:44
(4 months ago)

John Nash just iphone 4? You are poor.

13-10-2018 3:00:44
(4 months ago)

الموقع حلو
ادا ممكن تعمل فيديو لشرح كيفية استعماله

12-10-2018 14:30:45
(4 months ago)

after entering from my p.c. i like to advice to upgrade your marge section with changing it to diffrent types of equ margeing and their averge outcome.

it is a system i used long time ago before i find better one to detrmine what to marge with what: (many players that copy paste and dont understand are just marging everthing with offhands but they dont know why they are on postive invest and this explain why)

1/3*P(Q+1,typeA) +1/3*P(Q+1,typeB) +1/3*P(Q+1,typeC) >marge_cost(Q+1)+P(Q,typeA)+P(Q,typeB)+P(Q,typeC)

p= price on selling (not buying bcs your altarntive is to sell on auctions)
Q= qulity
type=type of equ (vision/offhand..)
if the left side is bigger then right side it is postive invest on long run

i can show u excal cuz i am not programer i am in finances buisness

there is even better way then this one but i keep it for myself

12-10-2018 10:48:14
(4 months ago)

John Nash The tools I'm using to test mobility didn't come with iPhone 4 testing, send me screenshots and I will try my best

MeIiodas Yes that's Angular 6

12-10-2018 9:45:57
(4 months ago)

Thanks !

12-10-2018 1:00:32
(4 months ago)

Spoxx , the web app is very neat. Did you use Angular ?

11-10-2018 20:26:17
(4 months ago)

Iphone. 4 dosent support

11-10-2018 20:00:30
(4 months ago)

Good job! Voted.

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