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Game Of Economy (Economical)
Posted 4 months ago by

Hello e-Suna .
After long work in e-Egypt after we left Turkey , i would like to present to you our market ..

we offer you a very nice place to do all your works ..

- The Most stable Monetary market in e-Suna

- Sell your products fast

- Small vat 2% products 0% resources / import taxs 2% products 1% resources

- Selling your Currency faster with stable price

- Many workers for your company in our Job market

- Biggest salaries in markets

- U need to add this one cuz im done with points ..... just u need to look by yourself and try it out instead of reading much words ..

If u want start your trade in Egypt and switch your current companies feel free to Pm Egyptian CP for cooperate and share cost of change your companies To Egypt regions

Product Quality Price In EGP Price in Gold
N/A 0.18EGP
0.017/0.018 Gold
N/A 0.18EGP
0.017/0.018 Gold
N/A 0.18EGP
0.017/0.018 Gold
N/A 0.18EGP
0.017/0.018 Gold
0.69/0.71 EGP
0.069/0.071 Gold
0.43/0.45 Gold
0.18/0.182 Gold
0.226/0.233 Gold
2.39 / 2.5 EGP
0.239/0.25 Gold
0.45 Gold
1/5 150/1000EGP
15/100 Gold
2 / 2.1 EGP
0.2/0.21 Gold
9.6 / 9.85 EGP
0.96/0.985 Gold

I will sell 10 Stock companies 100% shares in Egypt in next 48h if you interesting PM me 50g per 1

for first 4 weeks every friday we will pay 50 to 100g award for the biggest seller in our market during this week
Next payment in friday 19-10-2018

If you have any question or want any help related to this topic feel free to Pm me

Thanks for your time

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Comments (19)
11-10-2018 20:56:35
(4 months ago)


11-10-2018 17:30:45
(4 months ago)

letecimedo u want to win it?

11-10-2018 16:53:55
(4 months ago)

Give award to biggest buyer in your market too

11-10-2018 8:54:05
(4 months ago)


11-10-2018 6:54:50
(4 months ago)

In both cases it open the possibility to give higer wages from the current mm ratio bcs the mm changes more slowly then the real equilibrium

11-10-2018 6:51:24
(4 months ago)

I said geting cheap cc. It can be from selling supply at higer rate, but also org can do this from buying gold or contract like u said.

Btw for my opinion stable mm is not good it better be moving slowly up or down:

If it go up workers benfit from its raising
If it go down ppl spand more on market to not lose thier value

(I am talking about 1%~5% not totaly dumping your market)

11-10-2018 5:47:07
(4 months ago)

John Nash If we give cc cheaper we wont put much gold in MM

i got offer 100k cc for 8k gold i rejected 1 week ago

whoever want cc will have to buy from mm or sell products thats the only way
but still u cant control players if they dont understand prices

cuz some ppl 2 click since 1-2 years using old salaries for their players and some ppl using new salaries

so theres many problems like this u can face and u cant fix it , its in every country not just in egypt

11-10-2018 3:35:59
(4 months ago)

I sell Q5 Tickets at a lower price :3

10-10-2018 21:31:32
(4 months ago)

OneHundred not if they geting the cc cheaper

10-10-2018 20:13:37
(4 months ago)


10-10-2018 18:55:34
(4 months ago)

good job

10-10-2018 16:40:52
(4 months ago)

good job

10-10-2018 16:13:29
(4 months ago)

when I read the title of the article I thought this was gonna be some improvements or tips on Economy, someone needs to explain to some company owners that they are losing not gaining on salaries if you pay your workers more than they can produce you are losing money not profiting from it.

People need to understand that.

10-10-2018 14:24:44
(4 months ago)

Good job

10-10-2018 14:08:17
(4 months ago)

You dont need buyers or workers. You can open new multies. You know it very well.

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