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Community Service Announcement (Political)
Posted 4 months ago by

The Freelance Article

69th Publish - October 2018
Canadian - Porkyleaf

Greetings friends and fellow noble, strong, free Canadians.

Any person wishing to do community service to the Syrup can work here for a day . All proceeds will go to the Canadian economy and government. Think of it as a tolken of good will or faith.
There are people who fight for us to prove their loyalty who wish to assimilate, but there are also those who wish to work. We welcome any gesture.

As our empire expands under Kane The Conqueror we seek to establish trade relations with not only the best but the fairest. Egypt has been a vibrant example of masterful trade. Lithuania has also been magnificent at this. In due time you will see the rise of Canadas trade empire. We have come and gone, been strong and been weak: but a new dawn is upon us.

And so it is to the people of this fine country and her allies who can mark this course. We will be going places where we have never gone before and in that I hope that we can also find others who wish to partake in our cause. We do not seek to shake up the world but to make the most of it.

Goodnight friends, enemies, and bystanders. Porky out.

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