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Typical LE FU (Political)
Posted 4 months ago by

Next article should be about?
50.0 % History of Turkey
20.23 % History of Spain
16.66 % History of Belarus
13.09 % History of Lithuania
Total votes: 84

If you want me to make such article about your MU, please PM me, or contact me on discord, 619zabujca #7154

In this article i want to just show most important facts about LE FU, so it won't be so long like previous one

CHAPTER 1: Getting started.

On Suna we were starting with 4 players: patada619 , Manuel619 , Udyr and Paronimus619 . Our main target was to get some gold, and active members, thats why LE FU became BHhunter MU. After collecting some gold, we opened Q1 Weps and Q5 Food company, whitch allowed us to get good profit and complete nice tank set.
We also managed to get a Q5 House comp co and Q3 Food comp co after some time bhunting.

LE FU were mainly spanish players on begining, but we started to recruit south american guys on the second period.

LE FU were Israelan MU till day more or less 960

CHAPTER 2: War with Argentina

Someday our MU was stolen by Argentinan government member, at first place our leaders contacted with Arg CP to kick him out of gov, but they rejected it.

"At that moment Arg used to have colonies even in Panama, we managed to get them back to their core regions and eventually we even managed to wipe them twice, being the last wipe of a complete week"

Then Brasil + USA DoWed Spain, at first we was losing like everything, we even got wipe for few hours. But then situation changed and France + Spain wiped Brasil + Paraguay and Chile wiped Argentina. After that our alliance (The End) signed a NAP that didnt fulfill our spectations, so we kept the war up until argentina decided to fulfill what we were asking.

CHAPTER 3: The End vs. Poland

When TE was in war with PL they conqured almost all western Europe and stopped near Spain border, so LE FU decision was to make them upset, and force them to leave alliance (alliance wasn't hitting for PL).
Spain was decently strong , and with help of Croatia, Netherlands and some guys from South America they did what they wanted.

"At that time using q5s was almost impossible, continuous use of q5s was a clear sign of cheating in one way or another
Gold was much more scarce than now, productivity was lower"

CHAPTER 4: We all love trains!

War with Algieria was "waiting for SGO to ban multies", tons of q5, tons of waste, tons of cheating. Walling with q5 etc.
U can read more about it in this article .


First LE FU donation.

LE FU storage.

Typical LE FU battle.

Typical LE FU notification.

Typical LE FU merc results

arekzabujca619 & pepeasde619 & patada619


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Comments (27)
13-10-2018 21:03:05
(4 months ago)

Can somebody translate last comments below to English?

13-10-2018 20:20:42
(4 months ago)

Spain get f***** from Algeria

13-10-2018 13:58:35
(4 months ago)

I do not remember when Spain fought against Algeria without an ally to hold up agins as
I do not remember when the last algerian player get benn
I don't remember if we are ascked for th nap to stop the war
I remember that we fought agins spin+them ally and we tacked 2 region from spin and all sahra and as usualU asck for the nap
And every fuc*** war u start spicking about multi

13-10-2018 11:43:25
(4 months ago)

Also, you were wiped, wtf is that about algeria "" "" fuxcking"" spain? It was so obvious what you were doing that anyone with eyes could see it. 4 of the players that dumped around 150kk-200kk against us in a few days were banned and some others were inmensely finned. We won, we wiped you, even when you were(as always) cheating. Its not that we cant win against you while you are cheating, is that we consider a waste of resources to use supplies to fight against complete no obs like you.

13-10-2018 11:38:32
(4 months ago)

You were finned by admins and even banned before you were u banned. Wtf are u even saying lol

13-10-2018 0:45:38
(4 months ago)

Players who have been banned in that war https://prnt.sc/l5h2op

13-10-2018 0:26:58
(4 months ago)

no one from algerian players get benn in the last war with spin when we use <<<tons of q5 weps>>>

but as usual, when spin get fuc******** from algeria

pepe and most spanish players start spicking about multi to accept what happened

don't lie again

12-10-2018 15:54:36
(4 months ago)

History of turkey +1

12-10-2018 11:55:04
(4 months ago)

Night Mage <3

12-10-2018 7:43:59
(4 months ago)


12-10-2018 6:25:53
(4 months ago)


12-10-2018 5:43:10
(4 months ago)


12-10-2018 4:09:32
(4 months ago)

Congratulations, le fu no doubt was a great opponent and currently is still one of the leading military units on the server.

11-10-2018 23:49:18
(4 months ago)

They can't into profit, they can into giving 75k CC for half year

11-10-2018 23:27:35
(4 months ago)

Jealous cause as a MU we have more resources than a full country that is supposed to be one of the top5 by the amount of taxes you get from your HR?

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