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Horthy 4 ever



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E-Sim International League of Legends Tournament (Fun)
Posted 10 months ago by
Horthy 4 ever    

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Hello everybody!

Did you know who plays with League of Legends and e-sim too in your countries community? Would you try yourself? That is your tournament! I would organise it next week.

- The Tournament will be organised in this week at wednesday or thursday or friday afternnon at 18 pm (of course server time)!
- 4 Team will play against each other in normal draft 5 vs 5 teamfights in the Summoner's Rift!
- The tournement will be on EUNE, if you dont have account, you need to create one!
- Thoose nations, which has 5 player can form a team, but whom has less than 5 player, they have to ally with other nations!
- Each player, who paricipating in this tournament has to donate 5 gold to the tournament coordinator till the beginning day or he can't join the tournament!
- The shedule:

-The winning prize is: 100 Gold

We have got 24 players from 10 different IRL countries and a good community!

If you are interested Join our official chat

If they have got questions please tell me in comment!

I wish you good luck! Horthy 4 ever the Organizer

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Comments (8)
04-07-2018 10:52:39
(10 months ago)

"create a account on EUN"

but that means you will have 0 champs to actually play the tournament :p

04-07-2018 0:41:58
(10 months ago)


03-07-2018 19:33:46
(10 months ago)

2000 Q5 wesps on sell. Write me PM.

03-07-2018 16:18:24
(10 months ago)

If it was Eu W maybe xb

03-07-2018 13:01:30
(10 months ago)

Why don't you make it like a championship (every team plays every other team and the team with best ending result wins it all) though, that would be more interesting?
And since that's a lot of games, 2-day tournament (Thu-Fri) is optimal?

02-07-2018 21:59:23
(10 months ago)

server lag...

02-07-2018 21:05:04
(10 months ago)

Én ezzel nem játszottam még soha. Az osztályban talán én vagyok az egyetlen...

02-07-2018 19:20:54
(10 months ago)

Interactive and a change of pace.
Great work. Glad to see someone connecting with others.

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