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New server, new tournament, new map, more regions, new game mechanics! (Event related)
Posted 1 year ago by
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Hello Citizens

Today shortly midnight we are starting new server - NEBULA

Bigger map allowing more war tactics.

On the new server each country will consist of 30 territories. The battle round will be shortened to 20 min.
To conquer your opponent you still going to need around a week, but on the new map you can:
- Encircle your opponents
- Surprise counter attacks & retaking initiative
- Night attacks

Resource depletion.

On the new map, there will be more regions, more resources, but also each active raw company will decrease production effectivity in the region.
To increase productivity, companies owner need to spread their companies among different regions.
This will also motivate country leaders to conquer more resources.

New tournament.

New tournament will allow your country to select opponent you want to fight against

Step 1: Country President choose their preferred opponent.

Step 2: Each country play 10 matches (5 rounds, 2 matches at the same time)

Other rules.

- The server will be merged after 120 days to one of the existing permanent server
- You can work up to 4 times per day
- Your limits are restored every 10 minutes
- Shorter battles

Get more people for your country

If you want your country to have better start, we can help you organising BB.
We would like to make campaign in reddit-like sites.
If you are interested in taking part, please send us email to marketing@e-sim.org, including the following informations:

1. Local website in your country similar to reddit (a website, where users post content and upvote them)
2. General idea for the contect you going to write there

We will provide you the traffic to upvote your post/article and organise people.

The country that make a successful BB attempt will get 10 additional regions on the map.

We look forward to see you on Nebula

Good luck and have fun!
e-Sim Team

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21-06-2018 14:16:36
(1 year ago)

Sri Lanka

21-06-2018 13:56:27
(1 year ago)

more promotial codes

21-06-2018 10:29:27
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20-06-2018 18:51:29
(1 year ago)

I cant open that.

20-06-2018 18:37:24
(1 year ago)

cool story mate

20-06-2018 17:39:57
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20-06-2018 16:54:22
(1 year ago)

What is the reward for the event, what happens if the country cp doesnt choose anything, what happens if a country gets chosen more than 5 times.

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