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Hi all
Here I want to show how to do it.

There are some step to writing an article! its not hard,but it just needed some punctuality!

1- Select a topic: Your topic should be interesting to you and other player. It's a lot easier to write an article about something you'd want to learn about.
Brainstorm for ideas if you have to. Take a few minutes to write down every idea that comes to mind, without evaluating whether the idea is good. When you're finished, read back over your list and pick out the best topic.

2- Know your audience : you are writing an article about e-sim game!Having a good grasp on who will be reading your article can help you orient the information and the tone so that it's as useful as possible.

3-Do your research : How well do you know the topic?search the top article of e-sim!you can find better idea!

4-Decide on the length of the article : e-sim's article give you a limit! Keeping a length in mind can help you deice what needs to be included in your article and what can be left out.

4- Write an outline (optional) : Not everyone writes an outline, but it can be helpful for organizing your thoughts. Start with an introduction that leads to the main point, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

5- Write the rough draft of the article as follows : Tell your readers what you are going to tell them. This is your introduction. This article explains how to create a good article! It covers the following information: choosing a theme, creating a title slide, and creating topic slides. The information in this article is written for a beginner.

-Tell your readers what you promised to tell them. In this section you tell them how to choose a theme, create a title slide, and how to create topic slides.

-Recap for your readers what you just told them. For example: This article taught you how to create a PowerPoint slide presentation. You learned how to choose a template, how to create a title slide, and how to create topic slides.

6-Proofread your article again : This time, delete any unnecessary or contradictory information. The only time you should have information that doesn't support your topic is if you're doing a "point-counterpoint" piece.

7- Rewrite the article as often as it takes: Once you've rewritten it, ask a trusted friend or family member to read the piece and offer you constructive feedback. Rewrite again.

8-Add some pictures : If it's appropriate for your format, add a picture. It will stand out from other articles without pictures and give the reader more information on the topic.

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