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The 5 Kingdoms - Wildfire - Project X [NAP] (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

Project X

The 5 Kingdoms

Papua New Guinea
Burkina Faso ‎
Cameroon ‎

1- Both sides are not allowed to declare war each other.

2- Both sides are not allowed to start resistance war each other.
2.1- If that happens, responsible country for the citizen will defend the resistance war.

3- Project X is not allowed to hit in any battles against The 5 Kingdoms or against Wildfire (Limited to 15kk per country, and 30kk per country in 100% bonus damage)

4- The 5 Kingdoms and Wildfire are not allowed to hit in any battles against Project X (Limited to 15kk per country, and 30kk per country in 100% bonus damage)

5- Penalty for extra damage is 5 gold per 1kk for the responsible country.

6- This NAP allows damage, resistance wars... if there is a deal between two or more countries from any side of the NAP.

7- Country who leave from any side, NAP will not be valid for them.

8- New members will be included if both sides agree.

9- If any country break the NAP, this country will be excluded of this NAP.

10- NAP is valid for 50 days, from day 1554 up to day 1604.

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Comments (64)
22-01-2018 3:23:42
(1 year ago)


20-01-2018 17:36:22
(1 year ago)


20-01-2018 16:27:22
(1 year ago)


19-01-2018 18:14:11
(1 year ago)

i just make a dialogue where do you see me to cry? anyway as i said in my shout is a good war until now and we keep alive the server so congratz to you for your fight keep up the good work

19-01-2018 17:56:57
(1 year ago)

Morocco is helping as ally and i did count them
egypt is not in a sutiation to help us and we are totally cool with that and thats why i am not couniting them
You outnumbered us and now i am doing the exact same to you so dont cry and play

19-01-2018 17:30:09
(1 year ago)

Is not my problem if their help is big or no they are members of your alliance so I count egypt too ...and I forgot the help from.hun and malawi so for me the war was too balance that is my opinion

19-01-2018 17:28:46
(1 year ago)

try curing your retardation please

19-01-2018 17:27:05
(1 year ago)

boukas Merc? Wut?

19-01-2018 16:16:07
(1 year ago)


19-01-2018 15:54:33
(1 year ago)

Ned stark with all my respect but you say is not fair a war betwwen 7 versus 6 countries you forgot egypt and some israel merc from your part and you think fair a war 7 versus 19 fair? :p in my opinion it was a very very balanced war until now and that is the reason that we have deafeats and wins as and your side

19-01-2018 14:46:40
(1 year ago)

what a shame....

19-01-2018 14:44:00
(1 year ago)

Funny how things changes, remember what u did when u had upper hand

19-01-2018 14:38:24
(1 year ago)

Ofc VM had the upper hand
VM has 6 countries + Swe (+ CAD Mu as merc ) vs Lithuania Finland TR and Morocco
Is it fair ?
Ofc no
So i had to do it to survive

19-01-2018 14:35:31
(1 year ago)

Let's just add that I paid 600 gold in order for Hungary to be part of the NAP between BG and VM, because if I had decided, I could pay much less, and at the end Hungary was gonna get deleted and they were gonna blame me. But nah, they decided to throw those 600 gold away and disrespect once again Bulgaria. I paid the same amount of Libya, the main difference is that Libya respected the NAP and even refrained from hitting against VM, thank you for that bro Radicalli o7.

And an addition to this NAP. Ned Stark_ , you're very wrong, this NAP changes a lot of thing, this NAP clearly shows the world that WF/T5K are co-operating and that they excluded Project-X out of any possible ways. So don't play dumb, you signed a NAP between 23 countries in order to gain advantage over VM, because with the re-appearance of SB in Sweden, your siege under Poland has fallen and VM+SB had the higher hand in that situation

19-01-2018 13:52:53
(1 year ago)

"Humble words and increased preparations are signs that the enemy is about to advance. Violent language and driving forward as if to the attack are signs that he will retreat."

Sun Tzu

Get ready for hell

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