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Pics say more than words (Event related)
Posted 2 years ago by

pepeasde619 here again:

Since we all know what is this going to be about, no intro is needed. I'll just make an art about q3 equips from codes being sold and that gold being washed using the Monetary Market + some more pics related with some multimakers.

Spamming new server link with main account and multi:

All the q3 equips sold by lvl 7/8 accounts (or lower) that seem pretty obvious to be multies. After the pics some calculations are made to give out some gold numbers:

Feels good to have 50 argelian dinars profile pic being a multi playing in Kzstan, right florida ?

There are 65 multies, taking into account that leveling up + missions gives up to 10 gold per each, we can easily get that 650g was made just from leveling up (may be a little more/less, is just an average) The good point comes when we look up to gold obtained via the Q3 equips from promo codes that sum up to 2500g more, making it to 3100g. Taking into account that these multies are just from 10 days till now feels pretty incredible, making over 300g daily just from multies.

On past articles, we deducted the way they washed this illegal gold (you can read it in here or in here )

This isnt the first time, and doesnt seem the last, that equips from promo codes ruin up economy. I thought that they were removed long time ago, but it seems they are still working.

There are few options to remove this illegal way of making gold:

- Just plainly remove the equips promo codes.

- Make it that only > lvl 10 accounts can get them.

- Just allow players who have their mail registered to obtain them.

There is just 1 obvious point, something needs to be done, not only on changing/removing the promo codes, but also on the issue of weekly leagues and proxy usage. Countries may be in war between each other, but there is one war that needs to be win between everyone of us, we need to win war against multimakers and gold-washers.


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