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[Resubmitted] A new invasion of multis (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

Hi there pepeasde619 in here. I asked Demony to let me write an article on his newspaper.

On this article ill try to talk about 2 different interesting points. They are different between them, but are incredibly related between each other.
Not so long ago, i wrote an article about how multigerians were using the promo codes to sell equipment on auctions and then sell the gold back to their Org. Guess what? Yeah, they are doing it ONCE AGAIN.

Ok, there we have the gold from auctions.

Then we now need some currency (30k currency printed in 2 days by a multi):

And now that we have the currency, we need to get that gold from multies using the Monetary market:

with ehabunis and bassem354

with king of CAR and hondorasnian

Also, some screenshots from algerian monetary market:

They are over Brazil level of currency trading having 1/3 of their productivity, nice.

Since donations from one multi to another would be too obvious, they decided to do it via contract debts:

This guy above, d13fvresytjytjtyn , has some pretty interesting friends (check them )

Same with this guy, fayez243 , with more strange "cabtain" friends

Not only that, since the most important point in this game is to fight with q5 weaps, q5 gifts and q5 food, and all of these products are pretty scarce right now, algerians need to buy them from all the product markets ingame. For that purpose they have king of guyana and his Stock Company , just check the logs

I think we all know how this will go, no bans, and maybe just a fine to Algeria Org that they will refuse to pay until, at least, some months after being fined. At least I tried once again.

Now, lets change completely our topic. The topic may differ, but the people in charge of it are the same as in last one, multigerians.
In the past couple of months, some countries have suffered the invasion of this cheaters. Some of this countries are Switzerland (via she_is , multi of YOUR_FEAR ) Zimbabwe (via dictator421 , who shares the same pic as she_is ) Western Sahara (via a countless number of multis) and some other small countries, but now they are trying to PTO Morrocco, since they totally refused to attack us (Spain) with some backstab movement of Algeria.

Next accounts are the ones im gonna talk about:

the Great Canon

The multies share some common peculiarities:

- Some of them even have the same pic such as Qotoz3 (aka qotoz ) and HIMORCCO

- All of them have their account name on their political party name (how... original)

- They all were borned on consecutive days (From day 1304 to 1309, both included)

- They all have political party since the day they were on the server (gold obtained selling the equipment got from the promo codes)

So, if admins dont do nothing, morocco will just run the same fate as other small countries such as Swiss, WS and the other ones, PToved by politically, economically and militarilly useless, but multimaker guys.

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Comments (22)
23-05-2017 21:04:00
(1 year ago)

rizon bnc very helpful

23-05-2017 18:23:09
(1 year ago)

23-05-2017 15:54:46
(1 year ago)

Praque 's still a lesbian.

23-05-2017 14:23:26
(1 year ago)

If this gets deleted again
i will repost it just send me all (text with pic links and etc )
one for all we need to all together kill all this asses with their multies .

23-05-2017 12:37:55
(1 year ago)

They are selfish,why did you hope them handle the problem?

23-05-2017 5:48:45
(1 year ago)


23-05-2017 3:15:36
(1 year ago)

Apply e-sim laws, BUT don't censor this article! This content has purpose to be published here.

I see the purpose of this article is to make the e-sim community aware of the fact that cheaters are destroying this game and more effective action is needed.

23-05-2017 2:20:25
(1 year ago)

what worng with pepole, it is easy to win making multy's if u are a man try doing it with out

23-05-2017 1:35:23
(1 year ago)

hhh you are pathetic you always reporte them and no one banned so come on you know that this is not multies

23-05-2017 1:16:06
(1 year ago)


22-05-2017 22:18:41
(1 year ago)

Long Live Multigeria!

22-05-2017 21:47:21
(1 year ago)

Those accounts are managed via proxy by some algerian/israeli guy (palestinians are indeed israelis) and the revokes to some of them prove it right. One going to netherlands and the other ones to canada. The fact that a "islamic" guy is playing from those countries seems pretty suspicious, and it wont we the first or the last time that algeria is getting caught making multies. Time puts every scu* where they deserve.

22-05-2017 21:17:38
(1 year ago)

those accounts are not multi's
we all know how much you spent time trying reporting those accounts
but no one banned


22-05-2017 20:53:42
(1 year ago)


22-05-2017 16:53:33
(1 year ago)

I think you are a boring person and you have a lot of free time
Write what you want as many as you want
But don't mention me don't have time to that I am busy

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