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Conguitos' final journey (Military)
Posted 10 years ago by

A little Spanish, Polish, Croatian and Serbian community started to play e-sim suna at the beginning of the server. We choose Guinea as our home country and we choose a great player to enter the server as his referrals. manpaspal

All together we worked to develop one of the best MUs of the game Los Conguitos and Conguitos Blancos and to develop a great National Orgs Guinea Org and MoE of Guinea .

It wasn´t easy at the beginning, because Guinea was surrounded by 3 High Iron strong countries who wanted our High Grain region, so we lost Faranah (our High Grain region) very soon and for 3 weeks.

However, we got a fast development of national enterprises to finance our future battles. Financial Magicians

We have succeeded in freeing Guinea and through our distribution system, we have been increasing our combat capability, providing Q5 Houses and full supplies (including motivational packs) to all members of our MUs and providing better quality equipment to every Conguito (black or white), an achievement of which I think we´re the only ones who can boast.

All this work allowed us to move from being an invaded country with little damage to a respected country and one of the best (if not the best) managing its ability to controlled damage.

It has been possible thanks to these players:

albacetenis Alcaudon Alfonso Javier ANISON18 Avelard Bartolo Montador boki_joe75 BruTaL7KilleR CaveoPoland Chechoo Cibaris Coffee619 corboboy mabre619 Darkevil Dartak dave Deadpool Deftera eSpainX Evvyta FCBece freno Galileo gameer5 Gigalmes God grassman manteco Guayre Guroca Hola Hontecillas_98 isi99 jajg619 Javirz Jervaj Jose Eduardo dos Santos Juan_Val juanlacosa Krieger krzmig Lerdane lord Blackfire lorka Lory money mabre madridista1991 Majara manpaspal MarcGamer Maryoky Mauos MonoS Mr Akimbo MrLovecraf mtombo Mugre Nocturna Norsk619 O Caballero619 Onuba Pabliyo pabs de la nevera paulthomas returns PedroSuna preste345 Qadis Ragnar Rejoo ReySamurai ruben_torbellaco sevillafc Sir Miau Soulforged Sowx sparkylauncher Spawacz ThisGuy tmsn torno89 Trypanosoma V vor Vendetta Vito Corelli Rovirak619 XenthuS Gru yubermaister

Special thanks to those players who spent their time at IRC to controlling battles.

Now is time to say good bye to the game.

There are multiple reasons.

We can highlight a combat system that forces you absolutely grueling to watch round after round every 2 hours.

A RW system that allows to open the same battle over and over again without rest.

We can highlight too the boredom due to manage an Org to earn a few golds a day while other players have hundreds of thousands of golds to subsidize their " infinite " multis in battles.

Just knowing that you are fighting against a multi, your opponent is cheating you and admins doesn´t care.

The repeated changes of the admins at crucial battle moments.

And finally, the feeling that the game is dead. Very few "real" players and a multitude of cheaters that decide battles and generally, what happens in the game.

So the time to our community to close the game has come.
Thanks to all the players who started this adventure at Guinea.
Thanks to all the honest players, allies and rivals.

Do widzenia.
Хаста ла виста
Hasta la vista.

Somos los conguiiitos y estamos requetebien, vestidos de chocolate con cuerpo de cacahué.
Somos redonditos, y siempre vamos a cien, con chispa, ritmo y marcheta para que lo
pases bien.
Conguitos, vestidos de chocolate, con cuerpo de cacahué!

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