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The Auction Story - I (Fun)
Posted 5 years ago by

Hello guys, I am on a quest to get 100 subscribers to get my first media medal, however I didn't just want to beg for subscribers so I thought I'd give you some cool stats about auctions and then you can decide if you want to sub or not.
I'll try to present 5 interesting facts every time I publish the article.

So without further ado, here we go :

1. Most expensive item ever : LINK!

You are probably thinking that the answer to this is some Q6 lucky charm, right? right?
Actually, not even close. Lucky Charms are not even in top 20 as far as the most expensive item goes, the most expensive auction ever was for Q6 Pants.

The seller was the dude and the buyer Janis Gustavian , who got those pants for a whopping 2800 GOLD!! and what were the stats :

Redbeards pants (#3256813)
Q6 Pants
* Increase maximum damage by 13.8%
* Increase maximum damage by 15.38%

The first one is not all that great if you ask me

2. The first auction ever : LINK!

Again, maybe most of you are thinking that its that noob Item vendor who auctioned off the first thing, but no, MoHaMaD of Iran beat him to it by half an hour, managing the first item sold(auctioned off) at game time 13:59, on 18th October 2013.

The item was a Q1 Vision with stats :

Sun goggles (#1467)
Q1 Vision
* Increase damage by 0.35%
* Increase chance to avoid damage by 0.42%

3. Most expensive without any reason : LINK!

Everyone knows what the cheapest items are, helmets , and everyone knows what the cheapest helmets are, Q1. but thats not what Hasamoto thought when he was active, the guy paid , wait for it............. , wait a bit more because the number is just stupid.................................., a little more..................., 244 gold for a Q1 helmet. The lucky guy here was The Tenk Of Bosnia , maybe not so lucky cos he got banned, but still I'm sure he felt lucky after the auction.

And the item in question was :

Leather helmet (#3679196)
Q1 Helmet
* Increase critical chance by 0.39%
* Increase chance to avoid damage by 0.74%

Some guys just love crit + avoid a bit too much, but seriously man, i would have given you 200 such helmets for that money.

4. The cheapest without any reason: LINK!

All non gold buyer players dream about Q6 equips, but the lucky ones just go out and buy them at stupidly low prices.
bho managed to buy a Q6 helmet from israelas for only 56 gold, the stats are

Full nanofiber helmet (#3731118)
Q6 Helmet
* Increase maximum damage by 13.03%
* Increase strength by 47

Not good, but still not bad enough for 56 gold man :/, Sorry israelas , we all feel for you.

5. What can you get in 0.1 gold? LINK!

0.01 gold is the starting point of auctions, and 0.1 is, well, not all that different, but looks like that was enough for loucifer to get a tasty Q4 Vision with the stats :

Night vision goggles (#491707)
Q4 Vision
* Increase chance to avoid damage by 3.54%
* Increase maximum damage by 6.87%

Not bad, not bad at all, gotta get some tips from him about this.

That's all for today folks, If you liked the article, vote and subscribe and I'll be back with more fun things about the game the next time!

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