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Official Announcement of our Military Unit (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

Good day to all

Many of you have many questions in mind. In our Action, our Military Unit Action, my Personal Action. So here it is! I will try to answer most of your questions in mind and explain it briefly for your understand.. I will use English as well our Native language so I can express myself fully.


On the recent event after the CM election was done we all shocked on the event happen.
First UOL (UpOneLevel) propose impeachment to the current CP of that time Bluebeard.
And start the Shout War ( that was I called on that ) exchanging both side the Ideas, vision, complaints, trash talks, vulgar words, bad words and ect. (Well not only the two many player join in!)
I try to talk to both side because to be honest they are my friends in game I know them for the very long time.I ask UOL why did he impeach Bluebeard and why not he wont wait for the CP election that will happen soon.
His answer was "that was his right as CM of the PH." And he saw some problem/mistake on the system/companies of the govt.
I ask him did he reach out those problem with the CP before he do the impeachment?
I think they did not. (not so sure) or maybe they did not agree on what's in there minds.
Anyway moving on after that one on one talk with UOL I am coordinating this matter to Bluebeard in our FB group chat to get his side and ask him to be online in IRC channel as well so they both talk.
And afterwards Bluebeard and UOL talked in IRC channel and I left them due to some chores I need to do in real life.
When I come back I thought they were okay and ask them what did they talk or plans.

I found out that UOL will make Bluebeard a Vcp after election.
I ask why don't they both run and let the people decide who will be the CP. Rather than they deciding it by them self.
UOL strongly refuse my suggestion and Bluebeard is no comment but what the heck i can't force them to do what I advise them. So moving on the impeachment of Bluebeard failed and days past.

I thought those two are okay or in good terms now because of their talk but still found out that their is still Shout/comment happening ingame.
And UOL complaining that there is missing companies in the ORG's/State MU that might be sold by previous CP of PH so I check if there was, and found out none.
It was just been transferred with the 3 ORG's or with the state MU.
But I see Old log 10months ago which sold the companies of the state MU and found out that action was UOL but those gold was converted to supplies that time.
So I give UOL the answer regarding the investigation I done on his complains.

So the Shout war continue and it's like Bluebeard vs UOL and the gang. Or it's looks like Bluebeard vs E-PH that time and Bluebeard is complaining in our FB group chat on what he feel on the happening ingame.
I mostly feel pity on him due to I saw him how he handle and try to do his best to lead and give everything to PH to it's people but yet they don't see his hard work and give him this treatment.
I try to defend him as much as I can but what others called it? That Bluebeard is my puppet? (LOL) You think I have plenty of time to handle SUNA PH as well?..are you kidding me lol.. Try to ask other player who knew me, Try asking Sichironoa regarding on what I am telling them when they want to run CP on Maxima server. I always keep telling them I don't care how you run the country as long it's people are enjoying and happy I am at there back and who the heck is bryan19 by the way lol.
If they need suggestion in certain matter or advise I just give my opinion but I don't force them to do it.
Like I said all the time we have free will use it.
If you think I control people maybe they just believing me on my Vision, my Goals, my Plan or they are just enjoy and happy with my side.

Did you know why Bluebeard run as CP in the election?
Due to the provocation happening in the shout war.
I don't blame him if he run because of this.
It's the fault of those who criticize him.
He want to prove something when he run.

Fast forward.
Election time Bluebeard with 29 votes and UOL with 24 votes.
After the election was done what happen? Bluebeard won with 5 votes.
Yet UOL didn't respected it and still continue the shout war ofc with his gang.
Telling that those 29 votes was newbies, noobs, and other vulgar words.
Did you not know that those who voted for Bluebeard was pissed on what you said?
Oh yeah I forgot that you ask the ownership of #ph.suna that time when election time. Do you know what come up with my mind that time? eh! So confident winning on the election even if is not yet over LOL but still I am willing to give that because it was just given to me by someone. haha

Anyway we on our MU discuss this recent event happenings.
Because we are almost having half of the CM in the PH.
It come to our attention that the chaos happening here and one player was being overwhelm by others.
I try to discuss this as well with Bluebeard regarding impeaching him and give way to UOL.
Even if he did not like it at first but he agreed on it because he also want the overwhelming of others to him to stop.
So we impeach Bluebeard and let UOL be the CP of PH.
Oh yeah I remember that when UOL told me in IRC that He own the PH SUNA and Me I own the PH PRIMERA But to clear things out I don't own PH PRIMERA in anyway. PH PRIMERA owns by it's people not me. I am nothing if they are not there.

Regarding my Resistance War on Sabah Malaysia It's quite confusing that at first you are complaining with Bluebeard. Why he attack Malaysia?
Malaysia is our old and longest ally why we attack them?
Now when I start Resistance war and our MU is fighting for Malaysia you are still complaining? whoa!.. Make up your mind people! What is your stand really?

Regarding my hits/damage on Central Highlands Vietnam well someone told me that I was newbie, noob, a dumper and so on.
So I try if is true.
what can you say aw3w_01 ?..
Anyway I am not puppet nor following orders with anyone that I don't recognize as leader so I am using my free will do to what I want!
And as I remember our MU is not base on PH and we are private MU so I don't see anything wrong on it.

Regarding on the request of UOL for impeachment I am strongly disagreewith it!
After your eagerness to be the CP of the PH you want to let go?
Come on stand up and be the man as you say!
Don't look like a victim here.
Remember Bluebeard give way for your eagerness of power so please don't waste it.

Yahiko I would like to take point on what you said in your shout yes many Filipino leaving PH do you know why? I give you some reason. Due to lack of respect to them. Due to lack of opportunity, Due to lack of voice, Due to lack of activity (wars/happening/ect).

mingz07 Sorry I can't follow orders to those who don't know how to respect others.

UpOneLevel You know you are my friend. We play both together other game before and we have fun. But what you do recently is really disappointed me so much Because I don't want to see my friends fighting, talking bad thing on one another. (Sino ba naman ako sainyo db)
Like I said in IRC there is proper forum/method to discuss everything but i think it failed

Bluebeard I hope you move on with this event and don't lose hope on the people who turn back on you in time of despair. The emotional stress that happen. The sleepless night. The bully thing. The broken heart. I really hope you over come it! LOL Your friends are here for you. But hope you both guys get along someday in time.

E-SIM is small world

-PS sorry for my bad English. My wrong grammar just ignore it. but I do hope you understand what i really want to say

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