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Ultimate Guide to e-sim: Be good congressman (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

Hello citizens!

Today I would like to present to you some important things about the congress. Rules how to become a respectable congressman, who does not interfere in governing the country.

1. Be active
It is most important to be active, to vote in Laws and be quick when the time needs it (especially when declaration of war is going). being active in game means a lot, but it's also important you get to know most of the country matters while being on our IRC channel so if you want to be a congressman ask yourself this question are you active enough when the time will need it.

2. Citizenship not for everyone
Discuss and talk with each person you are willing to grant citizenship, don't accept anyone without questioning him/her first. Be mindful.

3. Make them pay import taxes
Same as above but be even more mindful, if they're not with us for some time and they're not hanging on IRC with us - don't accept it, make them pay taxes if they want to sell anything in our country.

4. Don't abstain from a vote
Not doing it in time is same as being aganist, if you're not sure what should you vote get on IRC and discuss.

5. Don't waste your laws.
Don't make unnecessary laws because you have a limited numer of them. When donating money wait for money to add up and we donate money only to Canada Org and nowhere else.

If you know that you won't follow these simple rules - don't candidate and make room for someone who will.

Don't be salty if your candidature is removed - it's not personal.

There is one last unwritten rule, when you get elected you donate 5Gold
from the medal to country treasury.

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