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The Corruption From The GOs! (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Corruption from the GOs

Dear admins and dev team, recently we encountered with a shocking corruption from the GOs who exploit their power and accesses for the good of their own countries. Mr amalgator used his powers and banned people who have deserved a ban and also people who do not deserve that(total 11 congress members). The result of his acts is that the saudi congress cannot pass any law and couldn't nominate any president to attack iran before their initiatives are over.

Guccifer got fined for multies, he's a person who donated to few BB, reported on bugs and multies, its not logical that such player who claim that he's innocent gets fined for multies that he did not make.
To all of the admins of the Night Watch we won't give up on that one. U abuse your power, like the case in the saudi congress and what happen now to hurt us.

If there a drop of integrity, GO, DEV, cancel the debt, remove those who abuse their powers from their jobs and bring justice to this game.

We will keep fight for justice and we will not give up - its a disgrace that the GOs use their powers like that.


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