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Friendly Reminder - Content Rules (Event related)
Posted 6 years ago by

I would like to remind all citizens of rule number 5 which has seen a massive uptick in violations recently and this has largely occurred in countries where most GOs cannot translate the texts immediately.

All contents published by users cannot contain spam, pornography, racism, flaming, insulting content, nazism, external advertising, vulgarity, violations of any real life law or anything that the Staff team will consider as highly abusive.

This is a very broad list and some things may appear to be more punishable than others but all can get you in trouble including warnings, mutes (no communication in-game public areas), and in severe cases we've seen temporary and permanent bans for offensive content especially in blending of RL conflicts and issues into the game. (Flash point topics)

Content: Includes comments, articles, private messages, avatars, citizen names, company names, shouts, Military Unit names, Party Names, Newspaper Names, MU descriptions, MU recruitment, law propositions like change welcome message, Donation/Report reason and other.

It is fairly simple to keep your content clean and appropriate and if you feel the urge to break this rule you can always do that among your friends privately and on IRC outside the view of moderation. We should not be dealing with obvious violations of the rules through nude avatars, articles with big ol curse words in the images, etc. because you don't think we look or care what you're doing, we are always watching!

Spam: The following may be considered as spam; any advertisement, repetition of a message, content that has no link whatsoever with the game, content that has no purpose to be published through a certain communication method (report or donation reason for example), asking for Votes/Subs (includes lotteries where vote/subs are required to join a certain lottery).

I think as a team we've been very generous (at least in my total time as GO now and at the beginning of Suna) in allowing friendly and proactive articles that might venture into breaching this rule but also have positive values included. However this is one of those matters that is a double edged sword if we start seeing massive amounts of this material wouldn't it be logical to get stricter on the friendly/fun side of this as well?

Procedure: When a user post a content that is forbidden, a Game Operator will delete it right away and depending on the content itself, the Game Operator might warn / temporarily ban / permanently ban the user which posted the content.
Content can either be seen abusive by the Staff, or the player/players that is it meant for to be deleted and possible punishable.

Like I said above we have ALL of our tools at our disposal in dealing with violations of Rule 5. although some of us might not know that fact. Just because the Staff has been allowing fluid expression amongst yourselves you should not use that as a green light to say or post whatever you want, take that into consideration next time you shout, comment, post an article, etc.

Real life law violations will be forwarded to proper security forces.

I believe this is appropriate for the final section of Rule 5. and further proof of our commitment to a friendly and proactive community on Suna and although I don't speak for any other moderation staff or e-Sim employees I know that in general most others would feel the same way! So remember be kind to your fellow players and foster an environment that you think players of all backgrounds will enjoy and look to cement themselves in to grow our player base and make the Suna World a more interesting place.


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