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Vote for your favorite video of e-Sim (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
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Vote for your favorite video:
42.54 % Video #4 formed by Emotion
24.79 % Video #9 produced by amrelkot and mahmoudessam155
8.87 % Video #3 made by mert1095 and Algeos
7.03 % Video #5 from Sharbel_Mon
5.02 % Video #2 produced by golani13
3.18 % Video #6 made by Christian4Peeps
2.84 % Video #7 shaped by Pirolla
2.84 % Video #1 made by Dipsy
2.84 % Video #8 made by tomo_2000
Total votes: 597

Hello players,
It’s time to find out the winners of e-Sim Video Contest.

Thank you to all the participants!
We loved discovering the fun you have with e-Sim

It is not easy to make a selection and choose the first winner, so we have decided to put all the videos to your vote!

Rules are simple:
1. Watch all the videos
2. Vote for your favorite in a poll

Video #1 LINK

Video #2 LINK

Video #3 LINK

Video #4 LINK

Video #5 LINK

Video #6 LINK

Video #7 LINK

Video #8 LINK

Video #9 LINK

You can vote till Thursday August 20, 2015, 12 GT. Three lucky winners with top votes (summing votes from all servers) will be awarded with Gold & Tester Medals!

Have fun
e-Sim Team

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