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Mali Month End Report - November 2013 (Political)
Posted 6 years ago by
Revilo X    

Bonjour Fellow Malians,

Another month has passed and I will be giving you our progress report for the month of November 2013 and what are we expecting for the following month.


November 2013 will always be remembered as a month of celebration not only for Mali, but for the whole Grey Team who grabs the championship trophy from the more likely team to be the champs, the Yellow Team.

Again as I said in my article regarding the Team National Cup :
Bigger countries can still be beaten with GOOD COORDINATION and UNITY.


From last month's 12 regions, we now have 17 regions in which we have the following resources:
High Iron
High Grain
High Oil
Medium Stone
Medium Grain
Medium Oil
Note that resources do not stack it's effect.


Right now, the government is supporting Private Military Units (TMB and TSS) by commune system, and in exchange, they will follow orders from the government.
For information regarding communing and joining MUs, please feel free to message me or my MOD, yujn .

Aside from the two MUs above, I would like to say thanks to other MUs that keep on supporting and defending Mali in times of War or RWs. These MUs are: Junji Battalion; KKK; Asam Laksa; nevven.

While I welcome new MUs in Mali: Federal Army; Knights of Mali; Maling Army XD; and Zvezda.
I hope all of these new MUs will also support and defend Mali with all their heart.

Last month, we witness the disbandment of Western Union Alliance which comprise of Sierra Leone; The Gambia and Mali.
The disbanding come in good terms, and being neighboring countries Mali's policy is to be in GOOD Relations to all.
Unfortunately, as of this writing our neighbors are having war. The stand of Mali in this for now, is to be Neutral.

In the same month, we formed an Alliance with the best clutcher country, ALGERIA.
And the name of this alliance is MALARIA .
Right now we are having war with SIO countries, and so far, I can say that we are doing great along with Algeria.

Again, I would like to say thanks to all MU, MU Leaders and Soldiers who keep on fighting for Mali and Malaria. o7


I cannot say that we have a very good and strong economy right now, but I can say that we are getting there.
With the help of Congress and Ministry of Economics, we will formulate and amend the tax system wherein we can have a better income from tax and encourage investors to build companies or sell products in our Market.

Speaking of Market, our prices of goods are somehow within the tolerable range compared to prices in #sutrade.
Please take note that the government will not get the credit for this one.
I am giving the credit to all our businessmen who are investing in our market, fueling competition resulting to what's the price in our market now.
Encouraging other Malians to also try and invest some of your gold to put up a business in Mali, you never know, you might be the next Malian tycoon.

For the government companies, from last month's 7 companies, we now have 19 companies:
7 Q1 Weapon Company
3 Q5 Iron Company
2 Q5 Food Company
2 Q5 Grain Company
and 1 each for Q5 Oil; Q1 Ticket; Q3 Ticket; Q3 Stone and Q2 DS

These are the plans and goals of Mali government to be achieved this month.

With the approval of congress, Mali government will be having TWO NEW ORGS for Economy and Military use.
Proposed name to Game Operator are:
a. Armed Forces of Mali and
b. Mali Economic Authority

NEW MILITARY UNIT with free entrance fee.

REWARD SYSTEM for Clutchers - This is for both Individual and MU. Details will be provided after CP elections.

INVOLVEMENT of more people in the Government - After the two orgs are created, these organizations will be handled by group of people who are qualified for the position.
This will inject new ideas and new technique in running the government and at the same time a training ground for those who want to learn.

Like I said last month, we still have long way to go, but with UNITY and COOPERATION, we can achieve our goal to greatness.

Additionally, Mali welcomes migrating players from other countries.
Just message me if you want to be part of our community.

And lastly, Join in our Official IRC:

Reference for previous report

Revilo X

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