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Shnobel you don't have HONOR ! (Political)
Posted 6 years ago by

And read this [pSyCh000] CP candidature! !

What is HONOR ?
Honour or honor (see spelling differences; from the Latin word honor) is an abstract concept entailing a perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects both the social standing and the self-evaluation of an individual or corporate body such as a family, school, regiment or nation. Accordingly, individuals (or corporate bodies) are assigned worth and stature based on the harmony of their actions with a specific code of honour, and the moral code of the society at large.
Honour can be viewed in the light of Psychological nativism as being as real to the human condition as love, and likewise deriving from the formative personal bonds that establish one's personal dignity and character. From the point of moral relativism, honour is perceived as arising from universal concerns for material circumstance and status, rather than fundamental differences in principle between those who hold different honour codes.

So Shnobel what are you doing ? You want to betray our allies The Gambia ?

The Gambia our president Shnobel betrayed you , but lot of Sierra Leone peoples WILL FIGHT FOR YOU !!!

Quote: Mimi_von_Raider

02-12-2013 4:08:59 am.
You forget about 2 q5 companys - q5 diamonds and q5 gifts, which was on Bank of Sierra Leone and now they on MU of our president.

Quote: Swazi Cat

02-12-2013 2:08:17 am.
Gambia was bad ally so it will be good victim. Of course shutting down the WU is not a reason for immediate attack but that is what Shobel can and that is what he do. Second time he prove that his word means nothing - first he show that to our community then TO party after giving word to not do this, now by betraying our ally - notice that "war declaration" going before WU closer announcement. So Shobel play his game with his MU and have no need to do things with honor or something like that, and he will fail like always did. I don`t understand why we going mad now - we lose diplomatic initiative and instead to make arrangements with SIO on equal positions earlier now we are forced to close ourselfs in the corner there our only chance to evolve is to fight our yesterday friends. We are fully cut off from global politics with forced neutrality and kneel before our former colonies. So what honor we are speaking about - we are already third sort of countries

Would you do this to ? Or you have your own brain ? Ace Droi

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